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The the picture ratings have been that bad over at a network that is can't think of the name right now opportunity it's actually pretty good i am i think the big three will be an established part of our summer basketball diet in like the next three or four years do you have high hopes for the future of the victory i do it's a genius and brilliant idea vice q commissioner roger mason i was a partner process in the embryo stage i knew about it the entire time i knew it will be a success i just don't have the work ethic to commit the plan basketball i didn't have the time to commit to try and a general manager team ten weeks in a summer and the bottom line is i will be missing more games and allen iverson and therefore i didn't wanna put myself or my teammates and emphasising could you see some bigger names there is some some whispers and rumors about cagey and paul pierce joining the league do you think that's the future of the big three the bigger names will join absolutely i do because here's the thing and we joke when at least retire and get out of shape our same people clown in my maga collingham derek eater and kanematsu guy kobe bryant because colorado kobe bryant i went through this well he was calling me thad jaylen understand say i'm bill like a kangaroo i get it so four retire flares it can't be a way to play the game you love and also keep a cappella vet but more importantly to stay in shape connecticut is about kobi too looked at me he's got another fifty pounds on vacation that got rid of the looked at me.

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