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Some tomato Twitter. That was from Keith O'Hara. All right. Go ahead. Okay. So I saw actually go back to us talking about losing your virginity a couple of weeks back twenty year olds you lost doors moving on. Year old like to look for a little Lovin and a little cash at the same time. Okay. She basically is taking the highest bid for her virginity. But it is towards a good cause I guess you can look at it this way in order to help her family pay off debt in two thousand and fourteen. They lost their home due to a fire. So sure they have homeowners insurance lack of insurance. They did not have insurance. Does it have the bids on that? Because you're mine is highest. Four hundred thousand dollars. Yes. Four hundred thousand dollars. Yep. She's gonna split me by a couple of hundred. A twenty twenty virginity are bidding four hundred thousand dollars for it. We have disposable income. Well, but. Kind of money. She goes onto saying I'm waiting for a man who I feel a connection with. So that the experience can be special for both of us. It's not just about the money. That's ridiculous. Value myself. What she wants with her body. That's very does. He feel I'm sorry Dover. What did you say? Contradict it is. It is very contradictory. A yeah. See splitting the money to the guy that owns the bunny ranch. Oh, she is. Oh, okay. So sees wait a minute. This is a scam. How does he get hooked up with the guy that owns the bunny ran virgin, she called them called them. And I guess I read the story before we went on. But yeah, that's okay. Got split it with him. I mean, I might be able to pull together thirty seven. Thirty eight dollars. Physical. Physical. One hundred thousand dollars million. I don't know why there's a new sitcom on. On the something. But it looks weird. But anyways, it might be four hundred million four hundred million. Why walking here day? I don't either. I don't I don't even. I mean, obviously there men that have nothing better to do with money that they have nothing better to spend with. And then they can go ahead and do that. It'd be an awkward moment though. She's not the first person that's done. This story has recurred. It has it has. I it's like once every other year, you'll find someone that realizes that they can sell it instead of.

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