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Well it is going to be a concern is interesting our economist paul shea talked about it it it just talked about this week it when you can talk about new home sales no matter how you measure it if it continue to happen disappointing number that's going to be a problem because you don't own hills are very important part of the the entire us economy and we always talk about the consumer important that is seventy per percent of the economy and things like that but you know obviously when you build a house and you don't know how it trickles down so many different ways so this is a concern and things paul thing i'm not worried about a recession yet but i've definitely worried that this can become a slower thing slower economy and if we if you continue for the rest of the summer he's going to have to downgraded view on the economy thing i find interesting is if you look at the builders of this and please indexes the biggest gain today belongs to de are horton and it's not so much necessarily related to the housing figures as it is to what they're doing to expand through takeovers specifically they're going after company called 4star group and they raise their offer by dollar fifty a share after starwood capital competing bidder which already has an agreement with four should add did the same thing and so you're seeing dr horton shares up one cent response what's that maybe the idea that the girl is better release for that company you know i do have to also wonder if you're getting by for caitian between homebuilders' they cater to the middle class verses homebuilders' they cater to the higher end because we are seeing some softness in the luxury end or as the demand is a really still there and the lack of supply for the the middle class types of home so it'll be interesting to track that mainly thank you so much for joining us that millions acne militay back and company as well as our sincere thanks.

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