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Strange right so awesome set in semi years from now g common through jesus fifth. He want to mess that up. That also in in very very valet as awesome as i as wanna know what they were doing. In other words outside is what would they own when he thought of these names. That's all i want as almost say what were they on where i know. They're in california or no already know what they're wrong. Nevada seem as we go rhino here on illinois. That's where somebody on that team from. Wanna know states because that's what they were on something also Also made they're funny. They get right to the point. It tell you what you're doing in game you're at the airport for aliens currently run by dogs. I'm just saying that works for me. That tells me just the gain okay. I'm i might be a dog or might be alien fly into this airport. I might be a dog in air traffic. Control doing my thing you know. This plane's coming in from the east you gotta land on airport Track twelve or row. You do that are talking human. Are they doing in doglike Do are i. Don't know man that'd be that'd be kinda rough asked me right right now. It'll be interesting just got. I will have to download the game to find out basically basically what i gotta do but oh man that was also may also show a awesome show man. Thank you as usual doing your thing. And thank you. For dr kevin james for earlier jumping on and telling us about what the big things he's doing in a t. l. at moore's college are morris. Brown college down there in terms of east were bringing eastwards curriculum to the university's curriculum of educating guinness-certified eastwards. Remember that cnn a tweet out of a week ago about two weeks ago. Now eastward certification somebody else put. That wasn't morris brown but still. He's working on that. He's an innovator. He's a pioneer to bring that to the college level and that is basically eventually is going to be status quo around the country and around the world for any University college that once is there's a lot of the demographic of the university now these incoming freshmen that are well knowledged in the video game world so no surprise there and so i'm excited for what he's doing down there and say thank you again. John bid he had bounced notorious afro. Thank you for all the social media post getting graphics up air by tuned into this show here on twitch air by on a podcast download it and listening so it will be up but by the end of the week usually the couple days. Yeah on twitch eight. We're live now about the said this thing down so i wanna say thank you to everyone jumping in for this week. Show next week show. We got content creator here on twitch spider. Tiff will be on the show hanging out talking video games this or that game releases..

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