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In daytona beach after the roller coaster slipped off its tracks nearly thirty five feet above ground earlier that day state inspectors gave the ride a passing grade saying it was in compliance with state law the ride has failed inspections in the past but those problems were corrected the two people that fell are still in the hospital the roller coaster database has show the sand blaster had apparently operated in four other locations in his four decade history the right open at the daytona beach boardwalk back in two thousand thirteen before that it was a blue diamond amusement park in new castle delaware or the ride was called a blue diamonds streak well lots of schools are named after former presidents and now our most recent ex president is getting one named in his honor here new england haven public schools broke ground this week for a new elementary school to be named after former president barack obama the school will have nearly five hundred students from pre kindergarten through the fourth grade the barack h obama magnet university school is being built on the campus of southern connecticut university and will cost forty five million dollars superintendent carol burke said the district was continuing the former president's commitment to urban education it is believed to be the first school named for the former president in new england and scheduled to open in two thousand nineteen art cohen wbz newsradio ten thirty survivors of the parkland florida's school shooting are doing their party get the vote ahead of the upcoming midterm elections for antigun candidates in chicago last ninety students held a rally headlined by chicago native chance the rapper you want peace we want safety from gun violence in violence all kinds also on stage last night were musician will i am along with singer actress jennifer hudson and former.

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