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Just made that noise if i just make can make the boop right they wanna that. I didn't really scan you. Put the thing down. That doesn't way and it's on on on the scale. How you how does it know how much this exactly ways. It doesn't doesn't. It's it's eleven eggs. How does it know so when you brought that up do you. Have you stole anything michael nothing of like any. I don't remember anything of any particular value. Probably took a candy bar or something from like a whatever just to try it. yeah whatever. I have a vague memory of going to a friend's house and like stealing one of his toys. Really i really wanted that. He man character named squeeze who is guy with these big long snake arms. And i just took it because i i could the ten. And maybe when you're playing friend's house and things get lost all the time in my head in my this all right manfredi what your third my third one and i referred this a little bit with my beatles choice Was the idea that this was. The beatle mania was kind of the be model for some modern version of the big chemical mania or like the biggest version of that But it may not have been the I historical version of this I am talking about listening listening mania. Yeah which is not just a pretty decent Russell was pretty decent phoenix song or a pretty bad shit insane. Ken russell movie which i do. Remember watching the movie list of mania. Because i had watched the. Who's tommy. i thought. Well that's this movie's crazy. But it's kinda crazy like in a fun way and then you watch list of amiens like what happened here if you've never seen it guys. It's just like pates hedera. But i'm talking about the actual list of menia franz liszt the piano player and composer Basically was the first rock star of music before there is such a thing as rock and roll. I he was the first guy to get up on a piano recital and actually start the recital from walking in off the wings before everyone just the audience came in and the pianist was already there and then he started and that was kinda he actually walked in from the wings to rebuild a little bit more excitement He was the first person to work from memory and not from cheap music. Oh there's actually considered to be Arrogant to work without sheet music at the time but he thought it was something to create more of an atmosphere but more of a performance and he would do things like he would turn the piano so that he was the audience could see him and he used this really good looking guy had this long flowing hair and so that they could see him sweating and the hair flowing and his beads of sweat coming off him and so he was. He was well aware of his potential for doing something that was could incite an audience. And he did he would you know. They're the term list of media was something came up in the press because he did this tour of europe and people especially women in their twenties to forties. We're just going nuts. No storming the stage After his performance if there is a broken piano scrape string. They'd fight each other for it. If he had a cigar that he'd smoked a suzy. Put it out some woman we come up threw it up and keep it as a souvenir and and to me..

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