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I'm Ryan Gorman with me in studio James Berliner and Katie boo Chino if it feels like to spend more time on the road here in Tampa Bay it's because you all are according to US census data released last week ten years ago about one in seven Tampa Bay area workers spend more than forty five minutes commuting to work. now it's approaching one in five you spend forty five minutes commuting right at least yeah it is that is that because of how far away you are or traffic or combination of well if I drive at three o'clock in the morning which I typically do it takes me about thirty five minutes if I drive okay any time a day after eight AM yeah it's usually about an hour and ten minutes right when when I come in if I'm doing and Tampa Bay or come in and super early so I'm coming in at that you know yeah four AM hour then and it takes me from Carol would about twenty five minutes straight up Dale Maybury. easy ride sailing yeah that time of day it when I'm normally come in for PM Tampa Bay it's usually between thirty five forty minutes depending and that's moving that's me moving on the veterans at a pretty good clip awful I for is just. that's where you're taking yeah I for in the Solomon nationally yeah it is most commuter still spend less than thirty minutes getting to work but the numbers are headed in the wrong direction in twenty ten it was sixty three percent now it's less than fifty six percent most people travel by car or truck and do so alone nearly four out of five trips in Tampa Bay area are solo commutes the numbers increase since the Great Recession remains higher than the national average car pulling is the number two option making up about nine percent of commutes down from ten years ago most are two person car pulls only a fraction involved for more people. the one thing I'm wondering here. when they say solo commutes in car pulls car pulls wouldn't be like a family right if you're driving with your kids that would be considered a solo commute yeah I would think so I think carpool means with other another person yeah could drive yeah. out walking stayed about the same making up about one point four percent of daily trips to work Walker's tend to be the youngest group of commuters with an average age of under thirty four. that's got to be rough especially during the summer months trying to walk to work on okay how close the job is even it's right around the corner yeah now the swan boats by time to get indoors the number of people cycling to work is fallen since two thousand ten what about one in every hundred fifty commutes was by bicycle now it's one in every two hundred. and to show how bad public transit is in the Tampa Bay area it's one of the worst in the country the twenty people who consistently walk to work each day out number the almost nineteen thousand who take public transit. nationwide about five percent of commuters use public transit here one point three percent. no surprise there really is no public transient out with how many options now one final item that stood out in the report is that in two thousand ten sixty thousand people work from home that number has now reached a hundred five thousand or about one out of every fourteen local workers which is higher than the Florida average and way higher than the national average. that's a compromise is some businesses are willing to look at yeah because transportation and ends the commutes are becoming so bad here in the Tampa Bay area it's like you know what just work from home we'll have more time because you're not on the road in our. to work in an hour active over us yeah not in the car you can get more done in the technologies there where it can be pretty seamless still some good news on the transportation front. when I saw this I was thrilled. the Florida department of transportation is chosen a plan for Tampa's downtown interchange also known as malfunction junction for good reason the requires far less land and property then the state's previous plans that they can fix this this has to be taken care of years ago district secretary David Glenn told the Hillsborough metropolitan planning organization did this preferred alternative isn't perfect but offers balance addressing traffic and safety concerns while minimizing the impact in the neighboring community it also would not include tolls that was an option that was being looked at the plan would add lanes and reduce merge points the cost will be about a hundred seventy five million and the three parts of the project would be billed separately over the next five years or so as money becomes available so that's the problem. this should be a top priority we got to get this done what is it not I mean they're talking about. being done over the course of the next five years or so in separate parts like a punch to the heart. you can't have a merge with one no it's so bad it's ridiculous and it backs up everything else it's a domino effect I like getting mad thinking about it like I'm getting aggravated this one of the reason I don't take two seventy five through downtown to the Salman to the station anymore from from the care what area is one of the reasons I take the I took the veterans battling it it's a nice it's malfunction junction that becomes the disaster. so here are the three parts. expanding the flyover ramp connecting southbound I. two seventy five to I. four from one lane two two and building a new offramp for eastbound I. for fourteenth and fifteenth street allowing easier access to eat more city. the biggest thing is you've got to make the flyover ramp two planes period. they also want to add a lane from west bound I for the I two seventy five north and add a ramp at fourteen street to goes exclusively to I two seventy five north to a couple of things that'll make all set up a lot easier and then in that they want to widen the ramp from westbound I. for the I two seventy five south to three lanes and they want to move the downtown exit further south to spread out exit points all of this sounds great the problem is not happening anytime soon. a public hearing is going to take place in February and then the state will submit the project federal highway administration for approval have you where just the public hearing. we have it like next week. is that impossible.

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