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This at our church is that we The elder take turns in doing a call to worship doing communion so they they actually get to speak to the congregation every single week. A multiple elders because they have the opportunity to give christ to them through the means of the sacramento the table. And then we all go back at to the back of the service or that. Were there to greet everyone. And we all share the responsibility meeting new people and connecting with them and encouraging them so that the congregation understands this is a team of men who are here to work together. I just so happen to carry the responsibility of focusing my attention throughout the week on counseling and the word and these men also will do this but they aren't paid to do it and you can see this in the new testament where paul even talks about. There's a there's there is a concept of those who have a job outside of the church and then there are those who are paid by the church to focus in their attention in that became according to new testament. A normal since. I know there are denominations that don't believe that has hershey. Brian dolls which is kind of a weird thing. But i think it's important that the congregation understand that the elder like i want the congress to know that those elders shepherd me and they have every right to do to call me to repentance. D call me to See my own sin in. Why why should the any elder including the speaking pastor have to be held to a standard of basically he can't fail and he can't confess a sense and he can't be held accountable. That is creating a dictatorship in really. It's it's a dangerous position. Because that pastor may have struggles in he cannot admit to them. Therefore you're going to go long periods of time where you hide sent and eventually it's going to catch you and we've seen this anytime. A pastor is in a congregation and he can't confess his own struggle in san and cannot find bomb for his soul from other men in the church eventually that sent catches up to him and it gets them.

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