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Hello dear now on time traffic and weather on the patriot we're still enjoying the holiday break from congestion wintry weather is not a factor in road construction is rather quiet is wells were looking good on the freeways a trouble free trip on on that before I ninety six and six thirty six posted speed that I seventy five and two seventy five making good time to the south field with lunch freeways no issues this fall the drive on and fifty three or M. fifty nine or maintaining speeds up M. fourteen in US twenty three of checking the forecasts some sprinkles this morning cloudy skies the rest of the day with a high of forty seven we'll see some rain during the overnight hours possibly mixing with snow if we drop to a low of thirty two precipitation ends early tomorrow morning but it'll be cloudy and breezy with a high of thirty seven right now it's cloudy and forty three degrees I'm John Bailey of the patriot FM one a one point five at eight AM fourteen hundred this is your money now the patriots to trade financial news if you're planning to buy a car this year expect to pay more to finance your purchase Bankrate projects the national average for a sixty month new car loan will hit four point seven five percent this year up from four point six one percent at the end of two thousand nineteen Evercore has lowered its rating on Ford to under perform the bank says Ford hasn't given investors' confidence you can manage several key challenges including flagging China sales quality and vehicle launch problems in.

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