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That's right. Jeff 2984 new coronavirus cases exactly this morning in Arizona, bringing the statewide case total to just below 280,000. 10. New deaths also reported bringing the death toll to 6312. This comes is just over. 16,400 new diagnostic tests were reported overnight. The hospital metrics here in Arizona continued to steadily rise. Live in the new center. Taylor Kepner up Katya, our news breaking news sent directly to your phone tax news. 2411 92 3. Arizona Education Association president show Thomas says the guidelines to stop the spread of covert 19 in the schools are not sufficient. He wants a statewide safe schools plan from the governor Katie ours, Jim Crosses live in Phoenix plan Jeff that has a mask mandate in the schools and I'm Busses until the end of the school year, also wants Additional funding and support for district that moved a distance Learning until January. Do the spread of code. 19, among some other measures were having difficulty in our schools of having enough Educators that air not in quarantine to report to work. We're running on a shortage of substitute teachers to take their places and an online petition asking for ramped up measures from the governor's office. Has been launched on the A a website and also on social media platforms Live in Phoenix. Germ Cross Katya Our news. Maricopa County has learned about just one in every four cases of coded 19. But it's C is Hero survey also found 400,000 residents. Have antibodies to protect against the virus. Still, public health director Marcie Flanagan says it won't produce herd immunity fast enough. Try to reach her immunity just by infecting individuals. That's a very long, pretty painful process that would result in a lot of additional deaths and overwhelming our hospital systems. Signing in hopes of future vaccine will protect 4/5 of the county's 4.4 million people. She considers her Ciro Survey a success with 260 participants in 169 households through 29 communities. Arizona votes, the company that collected petition signatures to get recently passed Prop. Two away. The invested it initiative on the ballot is in trouble with our state's attorney general petition partners, Arizona's largest petition gathering firm, is accused of illegally giving bonuses of up to $1200, based on the number of signature workers collected. The company faces 50 misdemeanor charges. Get update on traffic now and we have a West Side freeway racked with the details live in the Valley Chevy dealers Traffic Center. Here's detoured and beach. Thank you, Jeff. Good morning, and it was blocking until just seconds ago. It was moved off to the left into the medium. But that means you can see it on both sides of the freeway and Gonzalez. He's bound to begin with. You're also going to see if your brake light to Europe least you're on the light to moderate side. Still looking at a 17 minute ride 101 the end of the 51 couple of service tree crashes remain one at 67th Avenue north of Happy Valley Road. That's a wreck involving a bicycle, Try 83rd Avenue or 59th Avenue, and then we got another bicycle involved. Crash 75th Avenue south of Greenway. Try 75th Avenue, maybe 83rd Avenue. Instead. Let's travel report brought to you by consolidated. Personnel. Consolidated personal services responds with urgency and accuracy. Helping Arizona business owners just like you would there P ppd. Loan forgiveness. Go to C p. S p e o dot com Deter damn Cage Aaron is.

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