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That don't care about other people's safety around here. That's just ridiculous. So it's safety is the issue. We go through that at times as well, when the chips are down here weather wise, but what we know right now in Dayton, public safety officials are still performing rescues. They're treating injured there are gas leaks, power outages, debris, making roads impassable. So again, if you have interest family, friends, or are traveling to date this morning, be aware. That's what's ahead of you. Eight ten here's traffic and weather. We update every ten minutes on the tens from TempStar heating and cooling products. I mentioned last time I thought I'm done with you people. Oh, wait. Yes, I can never mind, keep that to yourself. That is not helping setting. Seventy one southbound and on a serious note, seventy one south with left lanes blocked. North broadway. Injury accident reported to involve a motorcyclist. We've added at least seventy seven ten minutes of that trip down from the north outer belt, six seventy eastbound left lane blocked at three fifteen from an earlier accident. A second one reported before you get to grandview. So just coming off, seventy east onto six seventy getting a little backed up, like second incident is off to the right hand side. We're still watching seventy west exit the rich and town and seventy one southbound before one four light delays there, seventy westbound with an accident blocking left lanes just after thirty three delays begin at James was like they've opened a second right lane there. Just recently got a traffic to force when he can do so safely. Call the three BodyShop traffic tip line six one four eight to one eleven eleven download the pink button collision repair app. Traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tens TempStar and header heating and cooling. Next update eight twenty. I'm Johnny hill. Newsradio six ten WT. ABC six first warning weather. It looks like partly cloudy skies will rule the day today and later on there's a chance. We'll see some scattered storms bubble backup best chance north of the city today. So, again, different quadrants yesterday, clearly out west in Dayton down south circle Ville and over to the east in Roseville muskegon county so today zero in a little bit more clearly on the northern parts of the state because that is where we may see the action Eighty-six degrees.

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