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Walked out of the Texas capital in May to block a bill that included bands on 24 hour polling places and provisions on poll watchers. It's slow on the four or five in Culver City. We're looking at the northbound side. Andalasia backing up, leaving the 90 taking you ahead all the way to Nordoff in North Hills. We've got Michael Brian K F Eye in the sky sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman Super Lawyer comments in Riverside. Yeah. Troubles near the Riverside Corona border here, angels. This is the 91 East out approaching Pierce Riverwalk. They are still in the car, pulling the two left lanes so extremely tight well back into Corona looks like back towards surface club. And before you get that far, you've got the 91 eastbound just approaching the 2. 41 talking about somebody passed out or fell asleep in the fast lane hit make that stuff up. It's offered a bumper on that drive back through Imperial Highway. Of course, this big mess up ahead into Corona and even the 91 westbound. They've been looking at losing it. That problem near McKinley that is backed up pretty much through Pierce. Alright should say Adams entered an accident. Isn't superwoman super lawyer dot com Michael Brian K. F I n the Sky Myriad, A Brush Fire along the 2 15 South founded Clinton, Keith The two Right lanes are blocked off delays jammed from Scott Road KF Eye in the sky helps get You there Faster. I'm Angel Martinez this hour of the John and Ken Show is brought to you by a I s auto insurance specialists Visit a s insurance dot com Today, maybe a teeny bit cooler tomorrow we'll tell you about that next. Hi. I'm Dr.

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