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And we are back. Remaining hour of this night tomorrow live from Fayetteville, legend is next. Hey, yeah, Paul. We closed St. Louis, baby. We're closed. We're gladiators. The referees on the field, David. He's about to blow the whistle. I know you have him, man. It's been a long summer. Man, we're here. As I was talking with answer the phone, I was telling them guys in the back, they're a great job and I appreciate them, you know? I know a lot of people don't, but legend does. Hey Paul, I want to make one thing clear. Can I make something clear? I'm not an SEC fan. Let's get it right. I've never, ever been an SEC fan. Don't like them. Don't like to SEC. Whoo. That's right, baby. And let me tell you something, Paul. It's a frigging jungle out here. And in the jungle, he don't see the tigers and elephants in lines all gather together for each other. Hell no. They eat each other. They eat each other. And our kids stand on the other teams in the SEC. So let's just get it clear right out the back. And I'm not pulling for you. Hell no. Let me make it clear. LSU, wow. That's right. Come on, simmer. Come on baby. I hope for the state beats Brian Kelly's doll ass by 30 points, Paul. 30 frigging points, baby. I hope that be able to so bad they send that doll Yankee back to Notre-Dame as an assistant coach in week two. I really do, baby. And let me tell you something else. Quack quack, quack, quack. That's all right, baby. I'm an organ duck fan. I'm an argument. Let me tell Ellie make laugh at something. Bone X is dangerous. That's right. I said it Bo mix is bipolar. He might be Johnny Unitas on any given day, or he might be Jay Barker without a defense on another day. So be careful which bipolar quarterback shows up Ellie may clamp it. Quack, quack, crack. I'm an organ Doug fan. Let me make it clear. I ain't pausing for any of y'all. India, y'all. So let's make it clear. Right there. Because this is a jungle baby, it's a jungle, and I'm the king of the jungle. I hope all y'all get devoured by these teams. Cincinnati, come on. Beat the hell out of that hole. I'm calling the upset. I say Cincinnati beats Arkansas straight up. Beat the hell out of that hog. I ain't no SEC fan. Alabama fan, baby. And part of me say something about one of your colleagues as I make. Please. Desmond Howard, he makes you look bad, dude. He just makes you look bad. You know how you had to take some people to the side and just tell them man, hey, you represent us and you just stupid and you need to shut up. That's what you need to do to Desmond Howard. Not only do they take a and a.m. and Michigan, he picked Pittsburgh. Is that the same kiddie picket Jordan Madison kids vibe and to know how no more is that? Is that the same frigging one? Paul, you need to take to the sides and look there you make us look bad because here's the thing the average fan today ain't average no more Paul. We know as much about football as y'all doing on YouTube online. Watch the practices for all the players. Right down the coaches interviews. We know as much as y'all know to a large degree, maybe not have the inside solar system, but we have every source that we need and we don't believe in your experts won one of your so called experts come off as dumb as hell, Paul. And that's a two, man. Take him to the side and tell him to shut the hell out. Blockhead monster has some job DJ job. The black hat posse is at the city limits. The rest about the blow to whistle. You can't run. Alabama's on the doorstep. Elvis has left the building. Wow, that was a classic call. Let's continue. AC is in New Jersey. Canada. Good afternoon, mister fine, bob. Thank you so much for taking my call. Wherever you want to be, you can be. I can be anywhere. How about we put legend with the crimson tide? He can be there. Or something, no amount of time he's typing up the team. He didn't even want to accept something like that. He's on player like a guy named legend who's hyping up the team. How many times do you think Nick Stevens is going to yell at him mister fine? But what do you think? I don't know. Are you saying you didn't like the legend call? Because the excitement doesn't like all the hype. Legend on that foster wouldn't be a quarterback or something and he's hyping up the team. It didn't look like that. I really don't know. That means it makes certain probably not listening to all this. Probably his thing was not rap poison. Where's my Debbie? And when they lose they're gonna cry like a little baby. And then you have a guy named Matt and San Antonio as I recall a month and a half ago, he said your coach is going to retire anyway. He's talking about Nick Saban. So since like Matthew is super scared 'cause he was an excellent guy, but the problem is, Matthew, Jimbo Fisher is not gonna deliver a championship. That's the second time I'm telling you, opening Jimbo Fisher is gonna be delivering is

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