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Of doing relationships and i don't think that there is any right way i will say that i think there are some wrong ways non how 'bout that intriguing oh trust that on another episode i guess uh of course i'm just talking about murder murder murder more relationships uh anyway mindy was very gracious to answer a lot of my questions about what it's like to be engaged and in appalling amorous relationship and i learned what met a more is which is very exciting also i was almost stung by a bee while we were talking during these tights in this be landed on my leg and usually i wouldn't i wouldn't freak out because i because i uh i i love and appreciate bs i don't wanna be strong but i'm not i'm not somebody who lakes watts it bees or you know is is usually afraid of bees but the b got stuck in my tights and then the be started to get afraid and then started trying to stink it he moved his his his his behind in a stinging motion and so you hear that on the podcast so that's that's what's happening um also you'll hear at the end of the podcast is they leave every i left everything in what you hear the end of the podcast assay that we're going to do apart two and i wanted to do that before he left the festival but we weren't able to make it happen so hopefully next time i'm in new york we will record apart two and uh yeah i think we will i think will record a part to some day um but in the meantime please enjoy this unedited conversation with mindy wrath.

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