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The first hill in what is a mountain to climb, and I hope to climb it with the community, and they had about twenty layoffs to save money including teachers and a lot of the sports programs parenthood have to do the fundraising if they're going to have certain sports, and they're gonna start with the fall sports, which I think might require about eighty or ninety grand fundraising from outside sources the vote in Johnstown, huge huge turnout. Fourteen hundred to eight hundred but it does pass second time around. Margin also voters in Lansing Berg. They approved a revised school budget. This just has a property tax hike of about a half a percent, LT's grill in niskayuna. You've been there before a quite a long time ago, but I guess there's a show on the food network called restaurant impossible, where they go to troubled, quote, unquote restaurants. And this guy Robert Irvine makes over the restaurant in two days on a budget of ten grand, and hopefully gives it new life, and they have so-called troubled restaurants, applying for this, and I, sadly, I guess, LT's qualified as trouble the restaurant, July tenth and eleventh, they will be filming at the location. Listen I've been there a bunch of times trivia, it's right next to the high school in this Yuna, they should be doing a better business than the are there aren't a whole lot of restaurants with bars and things you can go to ski, you know, I mean other than Commons and nothing has revived there either they ruby Tuesdays that went out at tilted kilt that one out. There's like Pinera. Five guys that's about all it's lunch. There aren't a lot. So you would think that a place that serves you know, some burger beer or glass of wine or something would do very well centrally located, but it, it, it didn't they need some serious help. So, yeah, so sadly, they've said, well, these struggling enough to qualify to be on the show, and so they're going to they're asking for volunteers, but not like you were me to stay. They want electrocutions and legitimate contractors to volunteer their services, July, tenth and eleventh, so in and find that so outrageous. This was first reported by Steve Barnes who does the excellent table hopping blog on the times union in the time. And he was a little bit of shape. He's saying, hey, the food network makes one point two billion dollars year. Why should contractors hardworking types have to quote donate donate to this rich entity? And by the way, maybe some federal laws and you and I are thinking, well, first of all the food network has the legal east taken care of. And if you don't you don't have the volunteer to do the work they're saying if you want, hey, if you wanna volunteer volunteer, we'd love to have you, and I'm sure you'll get some kind of credit at the end, it's great advertising for people are gonna watch it. Locally. That's great. I'll give them some business. I see the show. I don't watch her anymore because every shows exactly the same, but bar rescue this is like this is like bar rescue, at a restaurant. I can see they just just sounds like a direct rip off this guy John tamper, so-called expert goes into trouble bars and comes in, you know, yells at people and then, like a two or three days, redesigns it and retrain staff, and all that changes the menus and and but in those things they do a lot of product placement as well as mentioned at the end. And so, I think the contractors if they volunteer they'll get paid back in some fashion. It's very similar to the hotel hell that Ramsey's to do something similar. It's really just an effort to kind of give them a new opportunity to fresh things up a little bit, maybe drawing some more clients, and maybe they'll get a boost and business can't hurt, especially, you know, a local place like that. Just quick mentioned. There's been a lot of comings and goings it seems anyway at cross gates. And now there's another coming cross gates mall. They're going to this was announced a while back, but it is finally ready to open. I guess there's a Connecticut based chain. This is against Barnes times, union Maggie, MC flies. Local craft eatery in bars up next Wednesday, bewilderingly large menu one hundred eighty items and they also have like seventy five beers on Tampa as you've mentioned there. They do use a lot of local product. There are chain. They, they know what works for them. And they can still be the can still Bill themselves. They local craft eatery embar by using local products. I think it's a great opportunity for local producers and for the time being we can still use plastic straws in the city of. They've table, a measure, that would get rid of the plastics. Paper straws are nasty. They really disgusting. I understand the whole point of using a paper product rather than a plastic product breaks down easier and faster in the environment. But what do you put a paper products in water or moisture is going to break down almost immediately trying to drink a straw, something of a product that paper star is one of a paper spoon for your spoon for your soup? And let me know how that works out fast, right? Shucking Kelly forty-one glucose, Lucille believes.

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