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They're and welcome today we debate whether galgadud got a big enough paycheck for plane wonderwoman and the filmmaker behind a documentary series on the life and death of khalif router the teenager was jailed for three years often in solitary confinement without ever being tried in court he sacrificed his entire life essentially from the concept of american liberty of our constitution i mean he's a true american hero we start today's show with this the way london lawn a lot of kids from the nineteen 70s than that includes meet will recognize that clip from free to be you and made it was a music project by the actress marlow thomas the taught kids that it's a very good thing not to conform to gender stereotypes common sense media has now now entered the conversation the organization already rates movies and tv shows for language and depictions of violent sex and drug use now the nonprofit will assess and score gender stereotypes this move comes after commonsense completed a study that found gender stereotypes affect the way people starting in early childhood see themselves and their bodies and imagine their futures for more on this i spoke earlier today by skype with all of your morgan she's the director of the organisation's gender equity is common sense initiative and i asked her how depictions of gender in tv and film can influence kids it varies die stage of development so so.

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