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Still, Corona virus infections continue to surge in 41 of 50 states. Europe imposes new restrictions to stem the spread of the virus, and it's a big day for tech earnings on Wall Street. It's good news for some virus hot spots in New York more on the fallout from Philadelphia's police shooting plus hurricanes. Data makes landfall in the Gulf. Hi Michael Bar. More ahead. John Stash our and sports a major college football game, canceled due to a covert outbreak in the Houston Rockets have their new coat. That's all straight ahead on Bloomberg. Daybreak on Bloomberg, 11th. Rio, New York Bloomberg, 99 1 Washington, D. C. Bloomberg, 10 States. One. Boston Bloomberg 9, 60, San Francisco, Serious exam 1 19 and around the world on Bloomberg radio dot com and via the Bloomberg business APP. Good morning. I'm Nathan Hager. And let's take a look at markets..

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