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Two coaches least likely to elaborate just because you ask them to write if they say no and that's that's all you're gonna get yup and man i think these days <hes> pop is actually trying to be better and trying to to say more but i think the us as question nassar's. Here's i've just kind of given up and it's just like say. Something got me out of here. So what do you think about what about filling in here for the day. Oh of course i i'm not used to mondays on tuesday guy as you know but <hes> i like doing yeah. You're gonna get your. You're gonna get your beating tomorrow because the fellows are back with you yeah. I'm gonna wear my as best of suit in here. Yours bestest suit yeah. Why is that because they're gonna hit me with a flame thrower. I know it. Are you gonna be dressed as a cowboy oy what's going on. Oh hell no. There's been some controversy here. Lately were apparently last week. You claim to have reached some sort of agreement where you don't need to dress as a cowboy and then and you got your article re tweeted and then. Dan claims that that agreement was never made yeah well we. We need to come to an agreement because i'm not dressing up like a cowboy every week. What's the problem though of all things that you could dress up as a cowboy humiliating feels like it's right up your alley you suggested to like you said you'd happily dressed as a cowboy in all you really need to to do is we're a hat. Don't use well. If that were the case. I would do it in a heartbeat. If you're telling me that i'll have to do is where cowboy at every week to get column re tweets such such as a retreat of the column. I wrote on josh rosen. It's available right now on miami herald dot com. I certainly would do that but you know if if they expect me to dress like woody like a cartoon every week forget that nobody what's the problem like. Why can't you just dressed up to look like a cool cowboys opposed of one. It's a cartoon guy will wear a hat. I'll l. wear a hat. You know there's no use me wearing boots and spurs. Nobody's going to see him. I will wear a cowboy hat matter of fact i own two or three cowboy hats <hes> i'm a i'm a cowboy at heart and i enjoy wearing a cowboy hat but don't clown me with a whole woody up but what's wrong with woody what he's a beloved cowboys when he was great to do once. It's not something we're going to do repeatedly to do what he wants. I did do what he wants so in your ideal scenario tomorrow just as a cowboy. What is your outfit. You're never know we'll talk to you montana. This was not lebatardshow on e._s._p._n. Radio..

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