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The can't remember her name. But but it was really great series of audios. And i highly recommend cox julie cox. That's it yes she was. She was in the Do tv miniseries artists. That i know for sure. Yeah but but then really good. So i recommend checking those off curious about the doctor. Traveling with mary wollstonecraft shelley. What's your rating guys. Which rating for this one. Hollyw- start with you nine out of ten agatha christie novels very nice. You really like this one. Just how about you well. I am similar but mine was nine out of ten missing last pages. Ooh nice yes. 'cause the roger at grade book luck you guys are both on the same page. I guess right. I see what you did there. They're giving you to catch that. Want to have to make an unanimous bent. So i'll give it nine as well so we're all in sync on this one nine out of ten disastrous dirigibles. Oh very nice. Yeah i mean in in. I can only imagine charles you know going back and i know you mentioned this that. You're you like hope. Our audience is a tire. But i can just imagine you. You know your little charles like you would send off your box tops to the you know kellogg's to get your toy and so you get cd and you. You know you like getting ready to listen to it and the same time. Please don't disappoint me. Please don't disappoint me and it doesn't right. I mean this is everything. You could've wanted a new doctor. Who episode would it be fair. You know it was two thousand one so it was a little older than that. No i'm saying like young. I was thirty two years old when this came out like young charles. When you send off stuff to kellogg's like i did to the you know. I never really young because you. I'm not as old as you jesse. Okay yes i certainly did and you could not understand why it's not there. The next day. I remember sending in the backs of the mattel star wars stops to get a clear anikin skywalker back. Did take there you go. That's see that i can. I can get behind them a star with. That's definitely my wheelhouse. All right reverse the clarity for the second time. I'm like i run through the whole thing. But i want to recommend you liked storm warning and you're looking for something. From the classic era along those lines. Why not try terror the verve. Wade's which was the third serial from season. Twenty three and nineteen ninety six written by the dubious pip and jane baker so Heads up there but this is during the trial. The time lord season where the doctor's trial by the val yard and presents evidence of his actions on the space liner hyperion. Three so essentially like it's an outer space our one on one and in his own personal future and this is where he also you know we the introduction of his new companion mel so kind of like with with charlie we get the introduction of a new companion and got the ver- voice essentially causing havoc on the ship and killing some people and the ships going to be in mortal danger and has to be rescued from a black hole and yada yada and Eventually at the end of the episode go back to the courtroom and the value art Kind of calls out the doctor for committing genocide on the verge voids. So that's basically how that wraps up so if you can't yes he did enjoy. I'm storm winning. And i hope you did because it's a fun little audio really. Enjoy a lot. Obviously by three sets of nines our own skelly yes. Is you know that. I think you might be in the mood for tear of the voids all right before we get into that..

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