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Quick. This is a feature film that came out in movie theaters dog man to. The rat. You did not answer my questions. I handed you the goddamn movie. No, no. Hands DVD movie that was never. And it's called no guarantee you it exists, but it's also cold dog to the wrath of the litter. And this is not a movie that was in venues in America. Did I say we're playing a game about movies in venues in America, so wait. Just because Kurt Scandinavia, and we're put was very popular. They're not just pups anymore. That's the tagline. Seriously the first dog man, they were actually put men. Oh, yeah, doesn't make any sense anymore. Movie was never in venues that doesn't count. I loved it back in the bag. It's a collector's just toss it in. All right. I really wanted to throw it excites DVD's. What are the chances are you're gonna hurt him. Very kit. Kurt gets go first at our next game. Okay. Why is that? Because he just won that game one yet. He took it down. Let's go. The whole, oh. Some words. Yeah. The only game gonna win, Tom. Cares and we're, this is the worst terrible devised a series of games to anyone can win. That's the point even curd. Gogo very. So he gets I in next game, and then we'll go to Arden. Tim, and I'm just gonna get from each of you. But number. The game is called, how long is it. Twelve percent of the audience loves. I'll name thing. And then each one of you starting with Kirk has to guess how long it is and we're doing in minutes. We'll you'll see once you know. Great question. Fantastic. We're looking for. How long is it? Okay. Give it to me Tom Hanks. Yes, marriage to read a Wilson. How long is it in years. Gotta guess audience, please don't do say to, I don't know, hangs right married to read a Wilson for two years. I don't know. I don't know who hard for thirty two years. Thirty two years of course. Is prices right style, Tom, fuck Arden that accurate. What you think. Tom Rita have been married and God bless them four. Could she have gone over? It's possible. I'm gonna read up in married for twenty nine years. That's a burn a real bird. I feel like Tom's been at Tom's house. So he like he knows only called them by their first names. When you're yelling on the street. Right. I just made a poops. What are you..

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