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Kiva? Yes. Akiva, what does Israel. That is correct. Okay. Does worth five points. Keep is up to twenty one rub has thirty one. There are a lot of time left in round two. Now, we're almost done. Okay. Okay. Separate the sheep from the ghosts was the category added kiva what category? Would you like here teacher meeting? All right. This is worth five points. What media talion city is home to Europe's oldest university? Akiva. Yes. Akiva. What is this really? That is incorrect. Tim. I heard Tim Hamburg at his incorrect camber German. Rob. Yes. Rob maples? No it was bologna. I missed baloney ital-. I missed the Italy part that was a place in Germany. Keep got four dunce hats now. Right. Picture sunsets. On. Center of attention is the next category added, and I think Cuba's your there's a lot to keep track of so doing a great job, man. You're crushing it the road the victories, paved sweat and awards. Okay. This is worth three points, which former NBA player is the only person to be named NBA MVP coach of the year and executive of the year. Tim, Tim Magic Johnson. Incorrect. Yes. Akiva, Larry Bird that is correct. Kiva? Okay. The next category out of the board is rock and roll. And Akiva what category? Would you like? Let's do survival of the literate. Survival of the literate. This is worth three points, which lecturer wrote the book and Cass McLellan's. Favorite? How to win friends and influence people is rubs. Throb? Dale Carnegie that is correct. So is three points for Robb. And the next category added is death on my side, and it is your category to pick. Rubs up by ten for those wondering. Okay, let's do. Death is on my side. This is worth four points who became president after the assassination of ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Rob. Yes, Rob Andrew Jackson. That is correct. That's worth four. Yes, you can still buzzing Cuba. You're still allowed to compete if you'd like passing gas is the category added, and rob what category do that one. Okay. This is worth two points. What airship caught fire and crashed in nineteen thirty seven while onlookers commented with the famous phrase. Oh, the humanity. Tim, I heard rob the Hindenburg that is correct. And the last category added to the board is until die. Do us parts. How much was it less question to that too? Yes. At forty Akiva, twenty four won't do things get money too. Or just the winner. I don't get twenty four bucks. Right. Right. That I get my money back from the loser. Okay. I didn't know that. Okay. Let's do a rock enrolled. Okay. Rock and roll. This is worth two points. What multiple Grammy award winner? Once ran into a burning house to save a pound of marijuana. Tim. I heard snoop Dogg. That is incorrect, Akiva. Yes. Akiva, Willie Nelson. That is correct. Yeah. Yeah. Who's like the second. We'd guy. He's the second. Billy Ray Cyrus next. But I don't think there's any Grammy wait now for all town wrote. But before that, I can have any did to keep it get seventeen points for that. It was to apply hundred twenty six Keefe twenty-six comes through. The last question. So that was the last question of the second round. So rob we'll be moving on to face off against him in the third and final round. Take my twenty six dollars back from Akiva. And put it back on the board. Tim before you walk away can run one hundred forty dollars if he wins or mex- at.

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