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I know it appears that they were all together. Rogulski, call me. Okay. The whole crowd, and they were out to get this president the matter what I don't think they sincerely believed anything about Russia ally. TA John Dowd. He flat out lied to you when you is not to you. But the president president said, oh, my at target this investigation rights Priebus was told. No. And the president was told they'll that's a lie. It's unbelievable here. He here's more on this Michael Schmidt. This counterintelligence business. It's I tell you drive me crazy Brian is the department of Justice. I did an internal investigation of the FBI back. When director Kelly was. And and working for two attorneys general I've never. I mean, the worst nightmare. Will kind of power within decide to go after the president. I mean, it's a coup. Attempted coup by this crowd, any evidence is all is all about I take the New York Times article as an aggression. Their bad behavior. Yeah. I mean. I read a strikeforce Iran corruption investigators, but I'd never had the power to say well. Kilby carts is here. So we're going after him obstruction. You know, we asked them to do such. So he didn't do it. We're going to structure just arbitrarily. No checking with the department of Justice, not quality discipline protocol department. I mean, this thing is astounding. And I just can't wait John. Dow might that be what you just said that might be subtly incorrect in that you would think he'd have to report to the attorney general, but he recused himself. So he goes to the deputy attorney general report that investigation this is the same rod Rosenstein who evidently, according to the FBI was willing to wear a wire to attract the president and invoked the twenty fifth amendment. So we did they technically check with the department of Justice. It looks like the Rosenstein was part of the whole. Breaker. The house, you know roses. We're wire to get the first. So it does it looks like they're all together. So let me ask yourself departmental protocol. Brian is whether you're new investigation up through the field offices to say, why strikeforce especially as a charge to by John Lear following. The following pieces of conduct. We got this is take damn. In Florida, Pennsylvania. They walked in with Stephen is former chief of staff. To me for three days a week. Powerful member of congress. Not you know. You know, look after the president. But you know, that was done and then Rosenstein joins in. Very odd thing Brian erode erode a memorandum condemning call conduct in the twin matter. The attorney general and then. The president's wondering about, you know, call me because of his testimony before the Senate Judiciary committee. They arrive at the same decision that guys gotta go at the same time. They get Rosenstein gives his memo. The president says. Yeah. Absolutely. And then he took precedence wetter reduces to one page. The president fires combing about a month later rose keyed rewrite this memo says well, I really didn't meet it. I mean, it's this thing we're not we're we're still not to the bottom of this thing. I believe of all these guys are basically gone. Komi struck Baker page McKay. They're all gone all the people that were doing this. So Benjamin Witty's is a legal analyst with NBC along with the New York Times writer who was on meet the press to talk Michael Schmidt. They put together this whole this whole story. He went on cut thirty one which was the leaker Colmey to the times. Back when we a which if you go back, you'll see your art. That's where me would send his sensitive classified information. Professor, professor. Yeah. But I want you to you and Benjamin we listen to this cut thirty one the significance of Mike's. And Adam Goldman story is that it forces you to re imagine the how the FBI understood what it was doing which has Mike just said, and as the quote that you read from from Jim Baker reflects was we had this investigation for national security reasons all Russian activity, then somebody on the US side. I the president of the United States took some action that kind of looks like they're trying to shut down the investigation that raises national security concerns about the weather. We will be able to find out what the Russians were doing whether we will be able to stop what the Russians were doing. So the bureau understood appears to have understood what? Happened in terms of whether the president was working with the Russians that's a very different thing. And it collapses the obstruction inquiry into that larger collusion and Quincy the fifth paragraph down. They right. So far, nothing's been found to about corruption and collusion and that professor by the way is Daniel Richmond. Daniel Richmond got leaked leak memos from Komi who then put it in the New York Times. But go ahead. John dowd. The other thing is is if you check the circle of Senate Judiciary committee testimony. Colby. He's asked if anybody ever tried to pull that investigation should absolutely not. Not on my watch this never happened which conflicts with his later state. But then after he's fired June eleventh. Chewed nut on shoot eleven call McCabe ups here. Either tells us the judiciary committee. They ask him to any investigations been instructed. Absolutely not. There's been no obstruction of an investigation at all. I know you said you tell us guys got a secret cool. The other thing to remember about a counterintelligence investigation can only be done for one person. And that's the president. Ultimate add of intelligence in this country. Cover intelligence. It's four record. That's what they got. All. So I think the us. Counterintelligence as a cover. They were trying to get something on the president trying to you know, try to try to get them. And it was you. It was a coup. There's no question about it. And then the are you take all the lives of the court. Oh christ. Well, I mean, I feel like you're Brian. I mean, it's astounding John what bothers me is that I want this to be new to me. But not to you the fact that you're in charge of the president's legal defense. And all this stuff is surprising. You is insane. For the for the American people have to be alarmed by that. That's exactly right because you will call. I had I had you know, and conversations with Bob Muller. And they told us what they had under investigation us. Lists of people documents. They wanted. And it didn't include any of this business. So it was so yeah, that's a total almost shot. Hey, I want you to hear what Chris Christie said yesterday. I think this in a way this is a new way of thinking about it cut thirty. On the New York Times story. I would say this the president. I didn't brace the story because it backs up his narrative his narrative is that FBI agents were acting in a rogue matter overstepping, the normal course of business because they had something against him. And that story is is an extraordinary story that they would open a counterintelligence investigation against a president the United States. And I think it backs up some of the narrative the present is talked about. So if I were him, I wouldn't be tweeting about, you know, the failing New York Times in the how bad the stories and insulted his three accused of that. I go the opposite tack and say, wait a second. See this is what I've been saying all along the FBI under Jim Komi was out of control. Thoughts. I fully I fully agree with Chris my quote at FOX has. The FOX story. I would do it in my talk. I just talked to president call. Thank me for my quote. I said Mr President you've got to embrace this story. This this reveal what your instincts have said all along. And that is that they were just out to get you crew the facts. I said this is this story helps you this the mission of incredible corruption at the top of the euro, how often do you speak to the president? Oh. Week assault. And and how would you say he's handling this portion of his presidency? The investigation portion. Fantastic come in. I can remember when Muller. Broke his word when we talked to one March fifth. Kicking the ball down the road instead of deciding you promised us because we delivered everything without without for anything. And you know, he said, well, I have to. To study to work. So you decided if we got it to you. The president predicted. I told the White House. Bob Muller Muller is not about the facts about doing. What's right? Bob Muller business, really doing this. He didn't have conflict appearance of conflicts of the president. He had a he had a business dispute with him. And yet, I think he was really the guy in charge. I think rose team sucked up to him. I think molars the guy. I don't think it's rosacea. Supervising muller. But we gotta get Bill bar there to rescue the department of Justice like of the Toyota. John you thinking about going back and hope for the president out again or no. No, no. I. Brian. I mean, he. Right. Oh, we're long. President will help you. Log to help you whatever you want me to do just keep doing what you're doing. But I talked to the team at least once I talked to. Sexual or whatever. Aubrey. Know, there's nothing changes. Nothing new. Right. It just keeps going on. And on. There is some people that I respect who think it's wrapping up. Are you are you one of the people think it's wrapping up? Yes. He's gotta give an eight. Absurd. Use of setter. Torture, Manafort, and. There's nothing there. It's ridiculous. I keep talking and use use our airwaves to do it. Because we need someone on the inside to give us something that is not that doesn't have any political stake in a game to give us the legal analyst about what's taking place because I'm watching the the rapid coverage. The out of control coverage over the weekend. You think the president was caught with Vladimir Putin? The co mingling foreign policy strategy when nothing like that has ever taken place. In fact, he's speaking about it right now. All right, John. Thanks so much. Great q-bert. Great one eight six six four zero eight seven six six nine the president's speaking. Now bring you the highlights is extremely busy Monday. You're listening to the Brian Kilmeade show, giving you everything.

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