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He rose the calls on WCBS kion Brock's in got the game winner. This after Pete Lonzo and Robinson canot hit back to back Jackson even the game. The Mets rally past the national six five JD Davis. Also went pair of times New York moved to six up in two down. Miller ready. Looks at kids comes home and the two Machado is hits left O'neil going back. He looks up and this one is off the very top of the wall and over the fence home run it hit that back wall. That is a home run and Manny Machado goes deep is second is Padron ninety seven three the family chide on Austin hedges, go your the Padres of one three straight as they connected off. Andrew Miller Leighton the eight six four the comeback win for San Diego over Saint Louis jet passing earlier on Dickerson and hood about the Mets and Padres giving them credit for given the young ins chance Alonzo's been incredible. And you know, what I really want to give the Mets a lot of credit for calling him up. To start the season. Just like the Padres did with Fernando touchy junior. Chris paddock who's going today. They went against the grain when you have players young players that ilk, you believe are going to be all star caliber instinct among teams now is say, okay. Let's wait two weeks getting extra years service. And then called up that I think the Mets and the Padres understood that in the National League this year there are so many potential contending teams that what happens in the first two weeks could have a great bearing on the standings at the end of the year. Tune into west rivalry tonight. Rockies dodgers presented by indeed coverage of Sunday night. Baseball begins at seven thirty eastern on ESPN radio and ESPN app and at eight thirty eastern on ESPN balls.

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