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Org the mayor of Atlanta Georgia says two police officers have been fired and three others placed on desk duty over excessive use of force during a weekend protest the officers used a stun guns other than to young African American college students before getting them out of their car and pushing them to the ground mayor Keisha lance bottoms said that she and the police chief made the decision to fire the officers after reviewing body camera footage of the police action sometime during the night I saw a very disturbing video of two young college students who were in downtown Atlanta yesterday evening and it was disturbing on many levels are the least of not which was that there clearly was an excessive use of force Atlanta's police chief apologized and said she knows the officers behavior was unacceptable and cause further fear for Lauderdale police suspended or an officer after video showed he pushed that kneeling black woman to the ground during protests over the police killing of George Floyd escalating a clash were bottles were thrown in tear gas was fired also in fort Lauderdale the state attorney's office fired a prosecutor today for calling demonstrators animals at the zoo in the quickly deleted Facebook post Kentucky's governor has called for the release of police videos from a deadly shooting in Louisville Louisville's police chief says officers and National Guard soldiers enforcing the city's curfew returned fire and killed a man when someone in the large group fired at them Kentucky governor Andy Beshear understanding is that there is significant camera footage body camera and otherwise and I have called the the mayor of Louisville and I have through our law enforcement groups contacted LMPD and asked them to release it as soon as possible but it turns out there was no footage the mayor of Louisville fired the police chief today after the revelation that his officers body cameras were not turned on during the shooting the dead man has been identified as David Mack a TV a black business owner more from reporter Nadia Ramadan the killings of unarmed black citizens across the country including Brianna Taylor who was asleep at her home in lieu of all in mid March when she was killed have sparked public outrage over the inertia or complete lack of response by officials to investigate or charge officers involved in the incidents representative Charles Booker of loopholes says unless the tendency to protect law enforcement at all costs chefs these tragedies will continue to happen on history so that the incident happened especially the people who complexion looks like mine but you know maybe people and justice failed them the property failed them the investigation either don't happen or if they do there's not the transparency that the community needs to heal last Friday Minneapolis authorities announced that one of the officers involved in the death of George Floyd had been charged with third degree murder the two white men in charge out one a retired police officer were arrested and charged only after a video showing the killing of Ahmad operate went viral two months after the incident no one has been charged in the death of Brianna Taylor Booker says the current moment provides an opportunity for local officials and state lawmakers to address Kentuckians concerns about script that needs to be restored in the community this is an opportunity for us to understand that protecting freedom and protecting liberty main step we need to have processes and accountability in place even for the agencies that are there to protect them in a statement released on Twitter Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron said his office is in the process of determining what investigatory steps need to take place at the state level regarding Taylor's death and it said the FBI is conducting an independent investigation into the facts surrounding the ins dent for public news service I'm not a around like on democratic lawmakers and civil rights leaders are ramping up their calls for police reform and anti racism actions in Congress they're supporting resolutions and other measures to address the police use of force institutional racism and independent investigations of police actions such as the killing of unarmed African American George Floyd in Minneapolis Christopher Martinez has the story while president Donald Trump is calling protesters terrorists and urging governors to get tough and dominate them democratic lawmakers and civil rights activists are taking a different approach instead they're targeting institutional racism and police violence democratic Congress member Barbara Lee of Oakland has introduced a resolution to address the legacy of slavery and racism and the lasting effect on communities of color Lee would like Congress to create truth racial healing and transformation commission she says she's been working on the resolution for three years so the goal is to really help Americans think about the issue by exposed brain and gender from the belief in the midst of a hierarchy of human value based on superficial physical characteristics such as skin color and facial features he was joined at a news conference by Latino Asian and other democratic lawmakers supporting anti racist action and solidarity Jim McGovern is a Democrat from Massachusetts he says he worries about many things as a parent but he says he does not worry that a family member will be killed because of the color of their skin and let's be clear in short George Floyd look like made it can wear white he would be alive today so it's not enough for white allies to be angry and irate we need to channel our anger into action and activism we need to work together to create the political will to actually do something we need to change the system until everything M. and every person in this country is safe regardless of the color of their skin that's not enough to be quietly nine races we need to be loudly and he races are busy and other Democrats are also supporting of a solution by Democrats hi Jana Presley of Michigan and in Han Omar of Minnesota condemning police brutality racial profiling and the excessive use of force by police meanwhile several democratic lawmakers joined civil rights leaders in another news conference responding to recent civil unrest they're calling for police reform in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd Democrat Karen bass of Los Angeles is chair of the congressional black caucus and we have to ask ourselves and we have to ask the country at what point at what point will we grow tired of seeing people but fully executed on video and nothing happens bass and the other activists are calling for legislation aimed at reducing the police use of deadly force for example by increasing independent oversight and investigations of police killings senator Kamala Harris is a Democrat from California she says part of the problem is that there are two systems of justice in America with a broken system that has stolen black lives for too long and I want to highlight just a couple of the bills that were working on a national standard for use of force it should not be that when prosecutors bring these cases around the country the standard of proof is insurmountable because it only asks the question what is the use of excessive force reasonable instead of what the question should be which is asking was that use of force necessary we also need independent investigations of police use of force cases and I say that as a former prosecutor Sherilyn I. Phyllis president and director counsel of the N. double ACP legal defense and education fund she says the nation erupted in unrest in the nineteen sixties and again in nineteen ninety two over the issue of police violence against unarmed African Americans but she says this time is different for me personally I will tell you that this time is different because when I saw the image of officer Derek Shaw band taking the lives of the joint chiefs George Floyd with his hands in his pockets and looking at people videotaping him everything about his stance and his face said that he felt confident that there would be no accountability for him taking the life of George George Floyd whether this time really will be different remains to be seen protests against police killings of unarmed African Americans and other people of color have not resolved the issue up to now but democratic senator Cory Booker of New Jersey says he has a lot of hope because he's saying a lot of energy specific proposals and new coalitions and he says he's also looking toward the upcoming election this election I think could be very well be an election the determines whether we see broad based on policing reforms our country or not and I think that I had to I I can't predict gonna happen over the next hundred sixty days between now and election Robert this could very well be a compelling reason that drives many people to the polls are who want to see real reform in our country reporting for pacifica radio news KPFA Christopher Martinez California governor Gavin Newsom deployed a thousand members of the National Guard to Los Angeles yesterday following a request by mayor Eric Garcetti who also imposed an overnight curfew and Estee ours Ernesto Arce filed this report from Los Angeles Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti requested as many as seven hundred National Guard troops to help keep order in the city well he says he supports the protests he expressed his disappointment in vandalism and looting saying violence is never the answer but several groups shot back criticizing the mayor's call the governor Gavin Newsom for military reinforcement saying any violence from here on in would be quote blood on the mayor's hands Middle East African American resident who gave his name is Darren faced off against police in a skirmish line his voice trembling with the rage of what he described as twenty five years of harassment and abuse at the hands of police any one yeah not it's all part of history the wife of twenty I feel good about yourself others like Pomona resident Linda you know close says black lives matter is a movement she aligns with even though she's Chicana because both groups of experience police repression over incarceration and poverty I think it's important to highlight ality everywhere we've had our fair share of I felt that it was important to come out and support black lives matter in Los Angeles somewhere to store say keep you okay you're listening to the evening news on KPFA Berkeley KPFK Los Angeles KFC friends now online at KPFA dot org this is an hour long newscast each night at six there's a half hour edition on the weekends and it's always available online K. 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A. dot org I'm mark miracle community leaders today held a peaceful protest in front of San Francisco's city hall today announced the death of George Floyd and demand justice for victims of police brutality Canada is luminous reports each floor Brianna Taylor woot groups like wealth and disparities in the black community justice for Mary awards an organization formed after the killing of Merriam woods by police officers in San Francisco five years ago and others organized the event when woods is the mother of Merriam woods she made an emotional appeal for justice thank god I don't feel good I well it just is right he can't rest in peace because he does no justice George actor Jamie Foxx San Francisco supervisor Shimon Walton and mayor London breed also joined the protest mayor Breen said her cousin was killed by the San Francisco police department in two thousand six she says that as a mayor she would do everything she can to push for reforms in the San Francisco police department don't get it twisted the mayor but I'm a black woman first angry I am Stratis I am sick and tired of being sick and tired want to see what Forsman it is because stressed the importance of continuing the fight after the current wave of protests dies down they urged protesters to vote in the upcoming November elections as a way of making change Reverend Amos brown is president of the San Francisco branch of the N. double ACP he urged people to translate their anger into votes this November to get Donald trump out of office we are not the protest we must go from still production I see if you will accept the charge to produce some there's been no what do you get out of the White House on Monday morning San Francisco police chief bill Scott said that although protests in the city were mostly peaceful some people had only come to make trouble Scott said thirty three people were arrested for looting and eighty seven were arrested for curfew violations over the weekend he says the department is still in the process of finding out where those arrested came from Scott also said the mayor breed has asked the state for extra resources which came in the form of more than two hundred divisional police officers deployed to backup the SFPD on Sunday reporting for KPFA I'm one of many and San Francisco is under a mandatory curfew beginning at eight PM tonight and lasting until five this morning after several days of resistance Oakland mayor Libby shafted there today finally declared a curfew for the city of Oakland again running from eight tonight until five tomorrow shaft says her curfew imposition or will last indefinitely citing an extreme emergency without explaining the Alameda county sheriff's imposed a curfew county wide again from eight PM until five AM most of the major cities and towns the suburban communities within Alameda county and Contra Costa county are also under some sort of curfew tonight and for the first time in modern memory the city of Sacramento has imposed a curfew yeah they say in hopes of quelling late night violence that chickens this shaken the city's central core this weekend and spread the outlying city areas last night state officials have ordered the shut down of all California.

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