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Now, the student ask for the last month at a board meeting Republican American newspaper says he argued the schools, Email and website, a fine. But not nearly as fast as texting a teacher current rules bar texting or instant messaging between students and teachers in Woodbury Connecticut, and some board members say they're cool with that because they argue it would create an unrealistic expectation that teachers are available twenty four seven. But the board said they will let Jameson argues case before the ethics and policy committee before any vote on the matter. Well, they're doing better. But to people have now come down with the measles in Connecticut. State public health officials confirmed the second case over this over the past two weeks yell Newhaven hospital reported this weekend they treated and released both of them both. Live in New Haven county, neither identified and investigators say they have not seen any links between the two but say both probably were exposed to measles. In early. January were three measles cases last year in Connecticut federal centers for disease control and prevention reported cases in ten states this year outbreaks late last year round. Lakewood, New Jersey, Rockland county, new New York, it's one twenty two. Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, cosponsoring a Bill now with representatives Jerry Nadler legislation named the never again act. Representative Maloney says the measure would create a program at the US department of education to give schools across the US new resources to teach about the holocaust against a backdrop of rising anti-semitic acts in the nation. We need to take proactive steps to combat this hatred. We must begin educating people, especially our young people about the horrors of the holocaust, and how hate evil intolerance and ignorance can lead to mass murder ninety five year old survivor. Fred Turner, spent three and a half years in various concentration camps. The love the new move with.

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