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I I. Know I've talked to Quinn about it I've talked to or about it their relationship long time after the hit was not very good, they had fought in sixty, eight, sixty nine bobby had fought quinn end of the regular season, and they fought early the next year after the head. At Bobby by the way could fight very well. Thank you very much. It was a lot better at it than a guy his size should be. And I know for a fact that for years. Their. Relationship wasn't very good bobby. Orr could carry a grudge just fine. Thank you very much, but ultimately they did bury the hatchet and Quinn's words they did ultimately come to some sort of a relationship. They ended up serving on the same Hall of Fame Selection Committee for the the NHL Hall of fame and their relationship in later years was was fine, but you know back then. You didn't. You didn't like teams. You've got some of that now. I'll agree with you. It's not as much which also play teens as my terry. How often do you play the Edmonton oilers to? Gin Up the the hatred and the ceiling. You know you've got Canadians. You've got you know. The the maple leafs that sort of thing but it. It's not the same league. No totally isn't and also I mean. There's more there's more talent concentrated back then meets. Were Dirk fewer teams teams to a European? Player pool to draw from that you have now. It's also true also had more. You've got more players to draw from internationally now than you did back. It's totally true all right, so we're already talking about good offensive left shot defensive. Why don't we talk about Tori crew? And so. Everyone's kind of wondering about his future I saw a pretty interesting article this week from Thai Anderson. Tidal is hey. Here's a wildcard of a solution Torey Krug situation I feel like maybe people were saying this and I was missing it, but it's so funny because I feel like the only two options that have been discussed crew cab. Ben Science your long term for a lot of money or signs elsewhere long-term for a lot of money, not much else. has been talked about but Anderson. Anderson Pretty much makes the argument for. Why not just a one year extension to get through this weird pandemic time where there isn't a lot of money, the salary cap would probably say that. to me I was like. Thought about idea, because then it's like then he can get his money at some point. The bruins will probably have a higher capped. Maybe pay him that money. At some point. I just want to hear your thoughts situation. Obviously the risk that the Tory crew would have to take here would have to do with you know injury. Go out there at some time in the next year, and you bought a knee or something God forbid. I think ties. Overall premises sound. All you have to do is look at the recent contract signed by Yaroslava a lot. And, he said you know given what's going on in the world You know I didn't want frag this thing out and wanted to get it over with. I could see some. I could see some interest on both sides. Look. Let's just let's just get a year out of the way we'll keep fighting at this thing. We'll keep plugging away at it. The difference here would be if the gap between the two sides is so significant that Don Sweeney and or Torey Krug say look. We're not closing this gap. We're not close into ear from now. We're not closing at five years from now. And I'm just throwing numbers out for the sake of discussion or four million dollars a year apart. What are we doing here? In which case if I'm Krueg I go get that long-term deal guarantees me injury. Protection and things like that..

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