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I also what are you what are your thoughts on seth rollins and elias seeming to be getting into a program this this is very very made elias like you know he gets overshadowed a lot monday monday just because he's on the brand with braun and rollins enrollment but he got a tip your hat to him because he's been one in the same gimmick since he's been called up and it hasn't been style yet it has a hasn't gotten boring it hasn't gotten stale and you know you gotta tip your hat to him and on top of that he can go in the ring man like he will i'll tell you what it's his flying elbow and kyrie's sands flying elbows are are two of my top four ever who the other four ready savage obviously in there i would say the best elbows of all time are savage kyrie's sane in that order by the way elias and probably hpk yeah i mean but i'll tell you what i absolutely adore kyri sans i'm like the diving elbow it's genius it's genius valentin dream has a has a pretty good elbow drop to but like that do just he's just good all around everything he does but elias though elias and centralize it really does open up the potential to give us some really good matches and guitar shot big too yeah man it's crazy all right by the way don't forget we will be getting to our mailbag oh how about smell do i have but i haven't i'm not that bad i like ten i haven't gotten to also guess what i'm doing everyone will be excited to guess on doing tomorrow evening bringing sable.

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