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Beginning fantasies to the empire rayovac that was maybe an inch off the outside according to the computerized strike zone bumgarner scudder is low and outside for a ball to an hour so now he's behind a very dangerous hitter with enormous power jazz middle infielder doubleplay death crawford way over toward the middle at short and the pitch way outside wall street the bumgarner not close with either of those last two pitches and he was a little steamed with that first one was not called a strike i think when those real close wins never get called a strike and then you have pitches the top of the strike zone that are not called strikes and you're gonna get some unhappy pitchers in bumgarner mrs just a little bit low off the outside bumgarner comes down off the mountain says something to ray starts out after him hundley kind of gets in between the two of them and here comes bruce bocce now and vote she's going to go out to the mound the walk to bore and bob guy looks a little steamed and he may be a little distracted now headed several disputes with this umpire tonight so the battery will be brinson the rookie who has clobbered one it was just it missed being a home run by three or four inches back in the fourth and they got a triple on it then what by the way the first by bumgarner in the game botchy having spoken with him now we'll come back to the dugout and she does better keep right here as brinson gets ready to back.

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