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The reason i say eight is because i feel like you can challenger get it done. That is but we peacemaker wing. Yes that's true that's true. You're eighty two and my dad's and i know it's a hard call someone because it is an aggressive number but i don't think you're aggressive. I just feel like you're like a fat guy. Dad's an eight like he's incredible. It's so funny. Because 'checked he did the jason eight. Oh yeah okay telling what. I don't know i forget what his wing it wing seven because he loves have a good time. I bet he's eight wing seven. I think that's right But we were talking about this the other night and just to prove how truly he is eight. We were talking about eight being a challenge or whatever and he's like no. I'm not an eight. I'm not gonna and i'm like yeah and here we go so you're a two three. Yeah i think so. I think that's right. Helper with a achiever. I bet Four one because a one is super organized and get stuff done and like it has a moral compass jesters one and she's in her head always she can hear the right and wrong version. She always knows what's right and wrong. Okay like always in that. Were one and yeah. I don't know if you feel that i do i. Do i feel like. I took that so long ago. But that's funny. How people. I mean that's working like for people to be able to communicate you know and understand who they live with. Worked with like a four okay. It's an emotional wreck is what mine is. It is like look up. What for is when an unhealthy for is like an emotional train wreck and that has been me. Majority of my twenties started getting therapy and like working on myself but hey creates creativity and passionate empathy and all these things but it also like just sends me into emotional tale spins and i. It's so funny. Because i was talking to jake's mom i love so much miss. Mitzi miss miss mitzi but she. We laughed. Because i can cry. If i'm sad. I cry if i'm mad. I can cry if i'm hurt like in. She's the exact same way. So i don't i'm maybe four to like somewhere in there. Yeah we were talking about that. Which is it's funny. how how. That's changing communication though for everyone. What's your number. Yeah but but then like. If you've done your research and your study you really know how to interact with that person. It's very helpful. Okay so i'm going to wrap up soon. I have one more little question on. Ask you before. I wrap up. What has motherhood changed taught you about yourself. Oh my gosh w- we were talking a little bit about this before but What does it changed and talk. What has changed is how you look at life truly every day. Every day is a gift every day. you're gonna have a challenge that you weren't expecting but most importantly to be grateful for the time that you have and just watching growth. I mean watching your own little girl. Just become you become a toddler now from birth. It's just like all the things. And honestly i had no idea how much fear to like the like. I mean truly. You're given this gift of life and then it's like. Oh my god but is she. Okay what do. I need to worry about every single day. There's something i'm terrified of to. You know mel. it's it's you can't i. I don't even know that. I can put into words. You know the gift of being able to be a mother and so thankful for which we have. We have been through a lot of challenges with some health. Healthcare's harris has severe eczema. Yes and so. That's 'cause it's allergies and asthma that we were discussing an. I'm i've learned far more about that than i ever even knew existed. I didn't even know that that was the thing and that was like a chronic illness. Truly is this term in cases can be so mild and then extremely severe We we have gone through We're doing lots of medical. You know research and treatments to try and get her comfortable because honestly she's she hasn't been comfortable in so long so we're we're working through that and But we're we're thankful that we've.

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