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In Palmdale and Joe Biden hunter Biden I am ready to vote on the underlying articles I don't really need air lot witnessing Graham says Democrats simply hate the president and want to remove him from office at all costs former FBI director James Comey says the bureau was sloppy but not adjusted its handling of the Russia investigation speaking on fox news Sunday call me of knowledge that a justice department inspector general report identified a real sloppiness in the surveillance of a former trump campaign aide called me said he felt some measure of vindication because the report did not find evidence for the most sensational of president trump's claims trump is accuse the FBI in call me of illegal spying and wire tapping and investigating alleged ties between Russia and his campaign Kelly deputy suffered non life threatening injuries after being T. bone by another driver it happened when the SUV driver ran a stop sign at Montgomery and highway ninety west this morning the S. U. V. driver was detained in a tearful plea an Austin man is searching for his fiance who went missing four days ago with the couple's two week old daughter of their amazing there beautiful love you loves everybody she has the best group of friends mark is the sweetest only through there we sold gorgeous little baby we just put a thirty three year old Heidi Broussard and her infant daughter Margot were last seen Thursday morning when the mother was dropping her son off at cal in elementary school in Austin Shane carry her fiance is denied involvement in their disappearance what was intended as a warning shot ended up wanting a man in the leg it happened east of downtown in the five points neighborhood immensity fired three warning shot to the person he saw breaking into a neighbor's home but one of the warning shots missed an actually hit the suspect in the leg he was taken to the hospital with minor injuries police are investigating one other reason to consider getting your flu shot before it's too late Texas is getting hit hard and early by influenza the Texas department of state health services confirmed the deaths there layer and.

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