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Chief for the Guardian, U. K. And so he's got a lot of insights into not only the Russia report published in Great Britain, but the Mueller report and what Russia is doing around the world, so I'm more focused on our country in his country, but around the world, so I want to. I know I want to get to NATO. But before I do, there is this wonderful piece that appeared in the Guardian. It's headline. What does the Russia report mean for British people and politics? And part of this talks about the the money, the money that has come in and I'm going. I'm going to read this because the author is just so good with his ver Bage. His name is Luke Harding. It says several members of the Russian elite who are closely linked to Putin are identified as being involved with charitable and or political organizations in the U. K having donated to political parties there. Public profile allows them to assist Russian influence operations. Some of this taken right out of the report, the Says. It adds that Russian business and intelligence are completely intertwined. In other words, oligarchs who live and invest in London may well be following the Kremlin's geo political agenda as well as their own private interests. Other report acknowledges the UK has long had a welcoming attitude to Russian money. Few questions are asked. It notes that this approach has turned London into a laundromat for dirty money. Beneficiaries include PR firms, charities, universities and members of the House of Lords. It's too late to untangle Russian cash from the UK, the report says. But the government needs to do more to tackle hostile activity. Its source the National crime Agency is limited in what it Khun do it lacks the resource is to take on billionaire oligarchs who can comfortably afford top lawyers. Theis C. Note. Okay. I'm very dissatisfied with that. Look, I'm actually I'm angry about it because it sounds as if Oh well, the criminal syndicates gotten too big, so we'll just let them go on and operate. That can't be the answer. It sounds insane. I I wonder if maybe because these are issues that are encompassing so many countries around the world that we need to enlist Interpol and we need to enlist the investigative agencies of all of these various Countries to act in concert to thwart this something has to be done to stop it and hopefully to reverse the influence. Well, I think you're I think you're right that what we need better investigation better coordination across across frontiers across boundaries and selling, But the problem ultimately, and it's also a problem in America is one of political well, actually funny enough. The fact you've just read out that there's been an astonishing Uh, twist here with speaks lie to this in that we have. Ah, we have a pretty well known newspaper articles. Yevgeni Lebedev. His father, Alexander Lebedev, whom I knew when I was in Moscow is across. Follow that. Used to work for the KGB. He was a career KGB spy based Soviet Embassy in London during that the late Cold War in the time of Margaret Thatcher offended. Listen, Remember on who can forget? Forget well. The newspaper he used to read is a KGB spy. He bought the London Evening said that his sunny again he has been running it. It's been a huge supporter of boys. Johnson, you have getting his trendies. Let's say exotic parties featuring vodka and champagne. Both in London is Platt. So in Italy, Bob Johnson has beens them on numerous occasions. And just last week, Boris Johnson, maybe of getting appear a member of the House of Lords. It's a bit like Donald Trump taking the son of Ah, Katie Katie by making him a senator. It is holy cow. Indeed. It's astonishing story, and I think it's za Claire Cygne. From Boris Johnson to his critics over Russia, that even cat that he's going to do it. He he wanted study. Afghani is his friend but clearly has I mean, you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to think for the security implications. You Kenny, of course, formally could have become a Lord. He he's going to British citizen for a few years now so you can do it. But clearly, you know, the father sitting in Moscow close to the Russian Foreign Ministry. I mean, what happens if you have any becomes a minister, and then he sort of saying secret, But it's documents. The whole thing is, is a set of counterintelligence. Harsh, familiar? Two people have lived through the pain of the trumpet. Aziz isn't having Russians in and why has a long time right early on early on bringing them right in and showing them classified information show you right to the Russian spies? It was absolutely astonishing. And yet, you know, he got away with it and continues to get away with it in people of his own party are loath to call him on it, even though I don't think those people are necessarily in the park. It's a Putin they don't have to. Because they're in the pockets of Donald Trump was in the pockets of Putin. It's It's so awful now in great Britain, it appears a little different to me. But, you know, tell me if I'm wrong that once the Russia report was actually published, it took so long because they were covering this up, and it is redacted, heavily redacted as the Mueller report was It seemed as if the Brits didn't take it lying down. It seemed as if there was a lot of public outcry about this. Especially the interference into Brexit is there is the population going to put up with this, or are they going to, you know, get take out the pitchforks and the torches and call for some sort of action. What? Well, I mean status. It's a great question, then we've had. We've had opinion Poll 70 here, which show that about half of half Brit. I think the Russians interfered ever, ever breaks it. But the and there is a lot of outrage actually about that. The problem is that our country is pile arise has divided as unhappy as your country is On that ah, of people on the winning side who are not interested in this question. Think it's hysterical. Think there's nothing to see here believe in Brexit vote Progress? Jones let's face. It just won a general election. I mean, he's got a majority of 80 seats on the British House of Commons on But this is the problem is that Putin thrives on this scenario. You have kind of a culture war political war between two rival camps because It means he can. He can do his thing. You could do a sort of sovereign, saying whether it's in in Syria or Libya or Ukraine or Africa on we're consume, so consumed with their own problems that he gets away with it, But I just had one other quick thing, which is that The view from Moscow is that that Trump's presidency from getting to the White House, which the Russians certainly assisted in through it for a sweeping campaign, a similar put it, they see that as the greatest ever Russian or Soviet espionage trump. I mean, there are generals got promotion that there are the Web so ah, supporters of Vladimir Putin and the Russian Duma, the Russian parliament. Breaking open the champagne. They see it as a trance on Gwen it whether they're penny reasons why don't trump him, president and whether you accept Russia payroll?.

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