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Khloe vows acclaimed road trip dom drama no-man's-land took best picked her picture director and actress. For instance mcdormand but there was a bit of a shocker in store that happened in the best actor category where the fathers star anthony hopkins upset. chadwick boseman expected posthumous oscar. Win for ma. Rainey's black bottom now taking place primarily at l. as historic union station the oscars also honored daniel qaluwa for judas and the black messiah this for best supporting actor and was the one bright spot and i did happen to see this except the speech because this was absolutely it was refreshing and it was just so out of character for the so heavy lectures that we retreated to and i use that word well with a little bit of a question mark. Because i'm not so sure all those virtual signaling speeches. Were all that enjoyable. Unless that's what you're into but it was that young eun taking home best supporting actress for minority. She was absolutely delightful. So her got an oscar to go with oliver grammy's winning best original song for fight for you this from judas and the black messiah soul won best original score he had tyler perry Being honored with the oscars hersholt humanitarian award. Sound of metal. It was the little indie that could by the way got. Its second oscar this for film editing lang actually Cleaned up manque. This was the citizen kane origin story. It cleaned up in technical achievements couple of categories. They're winning the oscars for production design as well as cinematography. But the one standout once again was monari grandma. You young june winning best supporting actress. She was so real and she was so excited and so happy and so it was just so refreshing. She actually said mr brad pitt. Finally nice to meet you. Where were you when we were filming. That was her presenter. Of course also a monari executive producer. I might add but she was so personable. The first korean actor to win an oscar. She was making jokes cracking jokes about all the different pronunciations of her name saying tonight. You are all forgiven and shouting out. All of giving shout outs and accolades to all of her fellow nominees tonight. I'm luckier than you. She said and also maybe. It's american hospitality for korean actor but she was just absolutely glowing and glorious. Now closed down made history as the first woman of color to win a best director. Pretty much as expected zao taking that oscar for nomad land. Interestingly enough zao was the second woman to ever win best director this after kaplan bigalow back in two thousand nine. Four the hurt locker and my octopus teacher. No surprise here named best documentary. This is about filmmaker who strikes up a friendship with an octopus in south africa. See forest and as expected best animated feature went to pick sars soul. So there haven't in case you missed it. And you wanna soundbite like you're all up and informed on the.

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