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You're close. I mean on Netflix. You can watch Black Panther is. I've seen a billion times that before you're old. On Amazon prime. You could watch death spa old have you fold my phone? Thank you have. You heard anything about death spot. No idea was moving from one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and it was about murderous exercise equipment, you could find that. Amazon prime all speaking of streaming Hulu, you're gonna love this because you are a Hulu subscriber. Get ready Andrew because there are set to start showing you advertisements every time. You hit the pause button. See I don't mind that it brings my price down. Oh, well, you know, what if we're going to show the Mavs, then, you know, we ought not to charge them so much for subscription. Now. I pay for the no ads feature. I pay the whatever seventeen dollars a month. Does that mean that I'll still get ads Ford logos while I hit pause? I think so. Yeah, that's not really gonna bother me. I'm pausing. I'm not watching it. Anyway. The lower the price the subscription. You're so cute. Really are Mark in Sioux City Iowa. Hi there Mark. Hi, kim. Thank you for taking my call. You bet. I have a question about security for my phone. Okay. Recently went out to to a pizza place for dinner, right? And we used a credit card. And. Got an Email. About ten minutes after we got home about well, how did you like your meal from the restaurant? Although from the restaurant problem was we never gave them the Email address. And it wasn't even my Email. But it was associated with the person's credit card who you it was their Email address. Okay. All right. Okay. Okay. Now that person did have their phone with them. But they never took it out and used it while they were there. So my question is what do I do about security for my phone, or is it my phone? Maybe it's through the credit card company. I don't know it's probably through stripe. That's what I would guess about stripe. No, I don't. Okay. Stripe is a credit card processing company that is used by a lot of smaller restaurants and smaller establishments, which I shouldn't even say smaller anymore because we've recently switched some of our shop from using van to using stripe. Because it offers more features that that we were looking for as far as compatibility with other databases and things like that. But with stripe is a credit card processor if you ever use that credit card. And if it was ever used say on a website. Where she gave her Email address. Then all this data is being accumulated and mind. So that the next time that that credit card is used is going to say, oh, that's Mary. Let's send her in an Email to see if she liked the pizza. Oh, really? Okay. So so it's not necessarily the restaurant. The restaurant maybe signing up for additional services through stripe. Okay. Asking for that automatic Email, and maybe even like thirty days from now, she may get an Email from the restaurant saying, hey, we haven't seen you in thirty days. Here's five dollars off a pepperoni pizza. Because so what's because what's happening? Mark is that because of data, and of course, you know, Facebook and Google Amazon everybody's doing data mining right? Yeah. Is it marketing becomes more of a personalized and individualized situation than just this mass thing where you know, somebody used to walk around the neighborhood and leave a coupon for the local pizza place on the front door. Right. So I would what can you do? She could sign onto her stripe account. She probably has a stripe against you may not even know it. Meaning that she may have to reset the password signing using her Email address, and then she can ask to opt out of third party offers in retailers offers. It was probably an automatic opt in right. And so now, there's no automatic opt out with many of these companies is that you have to actually go to their site. You may have to sign in. You may have to look at their terms and conditions to figure out how you can opt out. It may be as easy as she just gives them. Her Email address had stripe dot com. I'm guessing it's stripe because I've seen this happen myself to me is that you go someplace and you're like, hey, I was actually at a farmers market. And I use my credit card, and then a couple of days later, I got an Email from the guy who was selling me bananas and cantaloupes, and I'm like how the heck did that happen? And I traced it back to strife, and I bet that's where it is too. So. Hamburglar, stripe dot com. Look at ways to opt out it's probably going to be somewhere in their terms and conditions and Mark thank you so much for your call today. The only thing about how comfortable your sheets are when you lay down to go to bed at night. But at bollandbranch, you're covered is all they think about in fact, all their products are designed with you in mind from their signature soft sheets to their cosies rose to their plush towels..

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