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Weather dot com meteorologist Matt Randy well we have a good late season storm moving through the central plains and and through the overnight hours it did produce some heavy snowfall some places seeing up to a foot in southern Iowa this is the will continue to spread snow eastward through northern Illinois in continuing to southern Michigan northern Ohio and northern Pennsylvania even southern New York generally speaking we're looking at snow amounts of one to three inches along this path but there will be a heavier bands though that could bring as much as six inches roads can be slippery in any travel through the area will definitely be slowed and then the snow will continue to extend eastward into central New England tonight the same storm will spread rain through central plains sorry in Missouri in carrying eastward through the Ohio valley before moving into southern Pennsylvania and then southern New England tonight the elsewhere across the country will be a few showers on the southern side of the low pressure from Texas Tennessee showers and thunderstorms we also form a long week front in Florida and I will another system along the west coast with showers in California a little bit of snow in the Sierra Nevada chilly weather will continue across the northern plains into the Great Lakes it will become milder in the north west plains where highs will be ten to twenty degrees warmer today from eastern Montana into the Dakotas and in the central and southern plains it'll be colder with temperature drops of ten to twenty degrees and that's the weather across America in Detroit Michigan will be chilly today with mainly cloudy skies one of snow moving through humility one to three inches high today up to thirty eight Portland are you will have plenty of sunshine at a comfortable height up to seventy five destinations whether I'm accu weather dot com meteorologist.

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