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Are we have thirty eight degrees? Partly sunny. Talk radio twelve ten WPA. Philadelphia. Firefighters say a fast moving fire killed a mother and her young son in south Philadelphia. That also injured four other family members somewhere to jump out of windows family. Members say they are grieving the heartbreaking loss of thirty six year old Anna Joan and her three-year-old son Andrew that row. Home fire on south street remains under investigation governor, Tom wolf taking a new step toward legalizing marijuana in Pennsylvania today announcing Lieutenant governor John Fetterman who is a longtime advocate of legalizing recreational. Use of marijuana said he'll hold public hearings in each at Pennsylvania's sixty seven counties in the coming months to quote start a conversation about legalizing. Marijuana in PA, and we do have an update from Philadelphia international airport, which did experience delays earlier today after the FAA ordered ground stop at LaGuardia New York over what they called staffing issues air traffic controllers. So we're hearing that things are getting back to normal after delays of more than an hour were reported earlier that ground stop at LaGuardia LaGuardia has been lifted, but you're still urged if you have a flight make sure you always just call ahead to check because it was a apparently a hot mess there. Earlier today. I wouldn't as weather is brought to you by the terrace at chestnut hill. So we have partly sunny weather tomorrow, thirty eight degrees and Sunday, much, warmer, forty six but mostly cloudy, so personal compassionate care with respect and dignity for mom and dad, call the terrace at chestnut hill, if you know mom or dad would benefit from moving into a new better place to live now offering. One month rent free the terrorists at chestnut hill because everybody deserves a great life. I'm Don stands Lund with the news, talk radio twelve ten. Only on the radio dot com app. Download it today. Listen to us anytime anywhere..

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