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The astros are rejoicing affordable lead of the dodgers who says game three of the rule series jose out zubay you can hear some mvp chance perhaps behind as out cuba texas ladder outside of all water there is activity tony lots of at so he wants to double the dodge pits the left is getting up it case it gets to josh reading visiting his three batters away there are two wells would justification really go sideways you're out of my ada yep it would be walk incoming it presumably to face reading now cube a flight out to shatter eddie's doubled he told us a great story for the game he hit a whole broaded game two with the world series of course the backtoback homers let's head against carlos guerrero here's the one otis twickenham is wanted one of the us to be to what it was like radical basis because he didn't really show a lot of emotion he savannah observers were routed the bases or was thinking about it to get back in the dugout he said that night on lying in bed when i tried to go to sleep and a linebacker dozen bad i just hit a home run of the world series and then he got all excited this is like a delayed reaction hours later because he will show silimo should what he did show very much by his standards what he hit that holbrooke he's he's such an awesome guy or one wanted as we get a gravel too short to hop a ride of sugar under headed all before site govering divorce for canada the yet no rugs babysitter demand left worthy at four with the astros leading four two one this was the world series audie sb we had a radio and the as yet resented by ozone football sunday of patriotism chargeurs are firing on all cylinders goldwinning juice raises so wins last column is going gonna change this weekend false sunday chargeurs ten feet reassume eastern on espn radio that progress if we think you're handbag business this with reversible topnotch his top notch in fact there's no other notch at the tipping top your.

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