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Bruce Bruce, Netflix, Cable Guy Health Inspector discussed on Strong Black Legends


Black champion. Comedy brought to you by Netflix and strong black leave each week. We tell us the COMEDIANS given us an escape from the bullshit job. The kids and those problems just won't go away people who made us rethink. I live in the world around us and most of all made us laugh. I ask is all. There's something about Comedians and the power that we have to make room full of people laughed. I know we make easy. But it sure is how people laugh is hard enough but game people to laugh at themselves selves. But that's a whole other thing Bruce Bruce makes that look easy he doesn't off the cuff. And these everybody gasps that do will roast you and that it's something he's been doing for years. He is a legend in the comedy. World is a known fact Bruce as their people are gonNA come and they're going to laugh he's holds his shows like bts he's comic view show where a lot of comments I start and there's nothing like legend leading the way for legends in the making reuss has also had his share of acting roles he's played characters. Like big Larry. The Cable Guy Health Inspector and had cameos hits liked. Think like a man. He's an offer to. He writes about his life growing up in. ACL shout out to the A. Hey and his career in his Book Baby James Round Bruce Bruce is the real deal deal did Brazil thedeal. Sorry tells up Bruce Bruce is still working and working hard. I got some time to sit down with him and chop it up about making people laugh and building a career bigger.

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Bruce Bruce, Netflix, Cable Guy Health Inspector discussed on Strong Black Legends

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