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King county metro buses fares will only be weighed when natural activates its emergency snow network one of the shuttle buses was carjacked Tuesday at the San Francisco airport the shuttle companies as a man got on the bus and told the passengers to get off telling the quote I'm taking this bus and you can take the next one all passengers say they thought nothing of it because he spoke with such authority the driver also got off the bus concerned for her safety the bus was later found sitting across three lanes of traffic several miles away newly obtained police video from the original case against Jeffrey upstream reveals shocking accusations against the disgraced and now deceased multi millionaire check Weber from our sister station west Palm Beach has these new interview through police evidence from the original abstain case we're now hearing directly from those involved it was some of the high schools everybody was like trying to make money a young woman speaking with the town of Palm Beach police detective top of the corner of the line school nobody plucked from her high school in Palm Beach county she said she met Jeffrey up steam when she was seventeen a friend she said drover abstains Palm Beach estate where she was to give him a massage anything weird I when you were going up the stairs features pictures of at any point did he ask you to remove your goals the young woman said she refused on our first visit but still earn two hundred dollars the second trip she offering more money just take pleasure all she said on yet a later visit she did remove her bra she said abstain touched her chest and rear end over under where she made three hundred Bucks for these massages every girl is Jeffrey starts off the genocide another young woman we hear from was nineteen when she spoke with detectives about her alleged role bringing other teen girls to massage apps team basically if you take off your clothes you're gonna make more if you want to do things to you mark she said although she got naked to give apps Tina Massad she wouldn't let him touch her doctor he's like you know I think without peace hundred dollars for every girl you brings me he's like I watch inside anymore your spring rolls to me and she did she told police or the end of the interview investigators confronted her at this point you clearly implicated yourself on a cross okay you're taking girls to somebody's house for the purpose more importantly more significantly one of those girls was fourteen at the time now that woman there ended up cooperating with police and avoided criminal charges recently there's been a push to hold at least certain apps dean enablers accountable and investigations continue in west Palm Beach Florida I'm Chuck Weber reporting a live look now at CenturyLink field tomorrow it'll be filled with twelve for the Seahawks final preseason game they'll face off the Oakland Raiders at seven PM in beast mode is back in town did you see this former running back Marshawn Lynch that this group of bicyclists on a ride through the city today they started the space needle making their way to the beast mode store near CenturyLink field that's exciting whether it's today is nice out there if only it was we talked a lot about how it was going to change and I think people got the message because look at everybody packing al Qaeda tonight it kind of bitter sweet you see people out there soaking up every last minute of summer right look at the sunset gorgeous August day from start to finish it was a little warm but if you don't like the heat at least you knew was going to last very long I know a lot of you really wanted a taste of summer he were at the end of August school about to start for most of the kids all of them out there just enjoying that sense that you can see them all lined up along the beach taken at all and but yeah some pretty major changes coming up over the next twenty four hours were gonna pull in the cloud cover and eventually even a few sprinkles in some spots tomorrow so that'll be a heat wave and for us and maybe more the same as we head into the weekend a look at the rain forecast just a chance for scattered showers tomorrow maybe even a straight thunder.

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