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You could get you worry about casio, just the in ring product, the build a bill was our top priority, and some of the matches were good as we'll talk about. Before the opening match, they had Hank Aaron present the battle bowl ring from 1991 to staying at the irony of seeing Aaron standing next to Bill watts is probably lost on almost everyone watching later in the show before the battle royal Paul hornung pro football legend from the 60s did an interview talking about the value of a ring and showing his ring from winning the first Super Bowl in 1967. They tried to equate winning battle bowl with winning the Super Bowl, which is a stretch even for wrestling. It also downgraded the world title as if having two of them on the same show and putting them both on in the middle of the card so they came off as a prelim match doesn't downgraded enough already, says the observer and by acting like battle bowl was more important than the title belt. A lot to unpack here. Hank Aaron and the ring with Bill Meltzer points out its ironic was bill's previous comments and interviews ever thought of in the back of your head that they would come back to body. No, not really. I didn't think it would be, I mean, Hank Aaron and. What's really a contributing factor to cowboy eventually leaving. And so it was a little strange. But hey, we're just trying to play with all the whatever's there. Hank here is a famous guy at the time he held the home run record. He was a legend there in Atlanta. And it baseball in general. Sports world in general. Paul hornung thing was a little bit unique. I'm not sure who got Paul hornung lined up for us. Might have been Greg gagne. I'm not sure. But it's just a matter of having a star power from every generation. I mean, older football fans certainly remember Paul hornung, Notre-Dame, Heisman Trophy winner. Green Bay Packers, all these things. So I didn't see that hurt. I thought that days, well, they're trying to compare this to the Super Bowl. You know, get over it. God sakes. It's a ring. In a signifies success. That's all. And so that's kind of where we were on that deal. I thought that was really been picky, quite frankly. What was I Karen liked to work with? Fine. Always friendly. I don't know that Hank Aaron ever got the whole story of cowboys this scenario. But he was fine. He became many WCW appearances. Yeah, he liked wrestling. Yeah. Ironically, but I wish Aaron was a nice man. And it was cool for a baseball fan or a sports fan like me. To develop a relationship with it. So he was a good dude. He was a good deed in that regard. I think that he didn't get the entire story of cowboys, you know, alleged racism. He didn't do his homework, mister Aaron. Cowboy was, if you go back and look at his history, he was far from a racist. But to me, that is a may, that's a story that got out. That's how he was, he was imprinted and that's where it stayed. And again, sadly all right, let's get into the matches in their please get into the goddamn matches. There's really no heat and only one of them will be considered pretty decent. Our first one van hammer and Dan spivey be cactus Jack and Johnny B badd in 6 minutes and 51 seconds. They seem uncomfortable working together, which hurt the match, bad pulled off a hot move early with a frankensteiner, which wasn't referred to by any name into a DDT, finished so bad, hit the punch on his own partner. And Jack was schoolboy by hammer, half a star, cactus chat Guinea pinned by van hammer seems like a crime in retrospect, but how difficult is it for these guys to put together a match like this? Well, their styles were also different. The experience levels are varying, the wrong guy want. Mix it on the match. He had more potential that he was easy to get along with. I've always been a big dance 5 fan. Dan Dan, the left handed man. One of my favorite characters of all time, waylon mercy. That was Danny spivey. Did a great job as weyland mercy. So I would have probably put Mick over with unbiased regarding me because everybody knows. So because again, I sit in my ways, van hammer, nice kid. Good luck. Wasn't ready. And big Nick foley was not going to make him ready. Mistake on our part. You see, you know, you see some of these matches now in retrospect, and you say, man, if I just throw these names in, we should have a good match on our hands. This one, you just see those names and like you said, hammer, spivey, cactus Jack, Johnny be bad, like you said, out of the gate, we got a close style clash. We've got just things that are unavoidable. It just seemed like that was hard from the get go with those guys. Yeah, and probably not the kind of man she went over the show with. You don't open the show with something that's seems to be a little bit awkward. Or less action than you would ideally want. So again, I just thought that the decision to put the big green rookie babyface over was ill advised. Second match of the night, Dustin Rhodes and big fan Vader beat kensuke sasaki and barbarian in 6 minutes and 56 seconds barbarian was bad and I can't recall sasaki doing much, finished all barbarian accidentally closed on sasaki and with schoolboy by rose for the pan, the finished look familiar after the match Vader clothesline roads and left him laying JR was this just a lack of communication that the same finish really takes places in two matches in a row? Yeah, damn right it was. You got this big booking committee of all these wrestlers. What the fuck are you guys doing? Well, seriously. Pay attention. Just pay attention. You know, your name's on it. And I don't know the guy took ownership of things as they should, but your name's on this damn thing, man. So, yeah, that's unacceptable. And I just remember that match just being one that didn't have an overwhelming amount of effort. Guys are, you know, just not good. And it should have been better. It should have been better. On the high spot of the matches, Vader clothes lining

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