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Oh interesting little factoid but but yeah i'm big fan so i was excited about these yeah i am too and you know yes she's always been eccentric but i've just always associated her with like the slow sad like whatever song was in new moon or one of the twilight movies like that to me is her forever vibe so this is really fun to see her comeback and just like go into something sort of different in new for herself and it works really well yeah i disagree i love her i definitely prefer her more in the sad like girl group like vaguely countrytinged territory yeah i will say i liked hard rain i think that's really interesting and the other production is so cool and i like the hip hop excuse me hip up influence in it but it's not totally overwhelming but i did find for me at least deep end was just like a little too much like i don't know just like going into the like pop and be territory and too far away from what she'd chew far and and also just like her like doing a trap influenced song like i don't i mean sure maybe she's a fan of that but it it seemed a little disingenuous or just didn't feel real to me in a way like kind of that like i don't know like i'll pop singer like does trap influence music now it's kind of like what like yeah no it just made me on the bandwagon like a real create i mean she probably does like.

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