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You got James sands. Okay. James sands is more of a versatility player for me. That's the only reason he's on here. Still very young. I don't expect 6 to go to the World Cup. There's there. Aaron long is a tough one between him and kamakura bakers, but we're going off form today. I would take Cameron Carter Vickers over him. Captaining a European side in the Champions League is no joke. The first one, Mark McKenzie, Mark McKenzie almost by default. There's been a better season for him at game. He's regained that form so I'll put him at number three. This is realistic candidates. So no John Brooks, no Tim ring. Sure. No miles Robinson. Miles Robinson injured, obviously. Those other two not in Greg brahl just plans. So then it's Chris Richards and walker Zimmerman. Chris Richards probably the highest ceiling out of all of them, but walker Zimmerman is the present today out of all of them. So it was a pretty easy choice there, at least when it came to the top two. It gets tricky after the top two. Okay, I got some questions for you here. Let me start with this. How many do you think go? You've got 6 on this list. How many center backs do you think Greg burter takes or needs for the world cupping guitar? You know, you asked me this this morning and I think my answer is going to change. I would probably take 5. Okay. Yeah. We set for this morning. Why'd you change? Yeah. Well, things go awry very quickly. We saw it in the women's Euros. It took a COVID outbreak and everything go arrive very quickly. You may need some cover there, so I would take 5. That's what I would do. Now, within those 5, you have flexibility of going to center backs or three center backs in a formation. So that comes into account and that's why a mark Mackenzie could have a lot of strength in there. In the last camp Greg we were all called in four center backs, but in the last qualifying window he called in 5, so take all that for what it's worth. I'm interested that you have Richards at number two. He's played only 47 Premier

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