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They're just weird. That's all was just about anthony. Smith course anthony smith when he came back to the sea after originally getting cut from the people people forget that he was in the. You've got cut me. He came he he kind came over from the strike. The ufc for one fight once. I lost my knee bar. In the first round. I remember watching. I remember him losing roger gracie on the very final strikeforce card and then no surprised he came over and he lost his first one. You've see uc released them. And then he loses his first fight in the regional circuit to so for ninety nine percent of professional fighters. You're done you might buy originally for a while but as far as getting to the you know the big show you know the the ufc or in any big promotion. You're pretty much done. i would say basal. He worked his way back and when he came back i remember he he did he actually loses. I fight back when his first return one. Okay you wanted and then you lost his second bite to for my memory. Andrew danjus is a great comeback by still when he was at one eighty five and i talked to him off camera and i told him it's like i gotta tell you man like i thought you were done. I thought you were done i. I'm really impressed by what he was saying. You know you've heard me talk about how how. how just how. His honesty just comes out. I talked to him and then he looked at me he said told i so imprisonment. Just keep it up. And he looked at me he goes dude. I and he said this sounds bad but he says i'm just too dumb to give up. That's all i'm just dumb. You know and i said in a very straight guys are very meaningful love away. I understood what he meant and like. I'm just i. I love the anthony smith story. I'm so happy for that guy. I don't know him. i just watch his interviews. We've interviewed couple of times. You know whatever so. Yeah i'm just. I love anthony this story and if he gets a couple more wins. The the problem is i. I wanna believe in the more. I just don't think he's a top five heavyweight but man he's so good and i just love his story. I'm happy i'm happy he's unhappy. He's happy making the money. He's happy i'm happy. He's happy doing tv stuff. And he's a feel good story and i saw the tweet. I just hope fans appreciate him. That's all he's an he's unique character and yeah i love it. And he's genuine real life. Every time i come away from it just being so impressed within as a human. It's pretty wild and he gets it too. I remember when he fought reshad before the fight. He's he's he's talking to. I'm gonna beat rashad. But as soon as i beat him. Everyone's gonna say you beat up an old guy you even guy and sure enough. People said that he's ready for that. And i'll beat russia and now move onto the next one like he. He sees incredibly self-aware. He's silverware. good dude. The only time i've ever heard him like cut he'll promo now. This wasn't a he'll pro but just a really angry. Promo was the first time. I interviewed him is right. It was right after. He beat leonardo cameras in his first fight back with the ufc and we talked about his whole story. It was just blown away and he told me the story as well. Who do you wanna fight like this anybody in this division. You wanna fight. like who is. He wanted to fight dark brown. So bad he had like a run in with dark brunson and elevator and like brunson shunned him like these bits of. Hey what's up derek. Dark just like giggled atom and anthony smith just like unloaded on him and from that point for it. I was like. I have to see it that he spent by dark bronson many moved up to five. We never got to see it but that was classes probably five or six years ago when the conversation when anthony was on the The post show with a brian woodley and Job on He said something you. Everyone is against me. They didn't believe me. Entire willie was like we thought you were going to win tonight. And the entire goes by. Get it you need that chip on your shoulder. That's what motivates you know usually. I'm kind of like fighters is dan. i think. sometimes it's overblown but like i really enjoy time. Willie just looking at goes. Oh i and i understand what you're saying i. all of. He was a favourite. I picked anthony smith to win but he still needs that. You know that chip. They don't believe me they suck. And i love it as love it all the first big interview. I did when i joined them may fighting team. That's been four years ago now Before after the sanchez. Win before the ahead of the lombardo. Fight and i remember again this is. I'm still nobody. But i was really nobody back..

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