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Dr Nicole Sapphire. She is someone we look to. Uh, you know, we could. We don't give medical advice over the airways. But one of the brightest girls that we know the book, by the way is panic Attack. And, you know, Dr Sapphire from being medical contributor to Fox News. Kind enough to join us on the radio with all that she has going on. Dr Nicole, Welcome back to the show. Thank you so much for joining us. Hey, Joe. Thanks for having me. Well, I love your in the middle of like a medical practice. Yeah. Hey, Makeup. Bless you. It's really good. It's good. And you're a mom. God bless you. Oh, listen, we have great admiration. And you know that. So, Nicole, if I may, and we won't keep you too long, Doctor Sapphire. What? What's going on with the variant? I am traveling this weekend, and I'm a little worried. I'm taking my son with me and he's 18 my kid. He's a big, strong boy. Thank God but I worry masking non masking the variant that Delta variant How dangerous is it? Can I start there? Well, First of all, you know, nothing's one size fits all. So when you talked about you know you wanted to determine your level of risk. Okay, Well, where are you travelling to? How are you traveling? How old is your child? Yeah. 18, Wisconsin. We're going to Okay, well, so we know that cases are up. We know cases are up in a lot of places throughout the country. Luckily, we are actually starting to see an overall decline in cases. National League. Good news. I think we have hit that. Peak of our Delta variant wave. Thankfully, while hospitalizations did rise in certain areas of the country, we saw that hospitalizations and deaths have really uncoupled from new cases. And that's thanks to our wall of immunity from previous infections as well as vaccines. So I don't think people should should shut down again. And I think you know if you look at the media, you get nervous, But so when you travel, you have to be smart about it. At this point. We all know how this virus transmits its in the air. So if you are indoors and you're around a lot of people, especially people you don't know very well. You should probably wear a mask. It's not going to bring your risk to zero of getting the virus being exposed to the virus, but it's kind of lesson it for sure. It may just less than the viral load, which you know makes it so you'd have a you know you get less sick or fewer symptoms if you're vaccinated. Of course, that is the best way to protect yourself from severe illness from this virus, But you still could get an infection with it, even if you're vaccinated. Thankfully, the far majority of those will just be like a mild cold and knew that data came out showing When you compare the vaccinated in the unvaccinated If you get covid 19 the vaccinated are going to be symptomatic for fewer days and they're going to be less contagious. These are all good news. That is good world next step, and I'm such a hippie contract doctor said. I'm going to wear gloves goggles. Maybe I'll be in the hazmat suit on the plane. I'm telling you, plus, the concerts are outside. So that's always good. Right will be working the show and they'll be outdoors..

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