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Hey, how are you? All right, Mike. What's up? Well, I got some critters about five months ago. It puts emerald Soysa side in both my son in back lawns. Yeah. It was pretty expensive and notice some tunneling going on and there's moles and had a couple of experts come out and said give me some advice on how to get rid of him. But one wanted to charge me like a thousand dollars. Just give you three advised that was that was charging advice there. Yeah. Get your business. All right. Go ahead. So I guess I'm looking to you to find out. What's the best way to get rid of these things is going to be a major issue? Don't what's your recommendations? That is really the best question of all my is it going to be a major issue if I don't the answer is yes, you'll get some the grass will dry out on top of the tunnels where they tell them underneath the ground. You can expect this the roots were lifted up a little bit. So the grass turned turns color a little bit. But frankly, I will give you again, practical advice traps, gummy worms ground glass, juicy fruit. Tune gum. Many things smoke bombs all the mini things that I've heard about for repelling moles are not worth the time or the money. The thing you the most results for the least amount of effort is going out and just mashing the tunnels down through shoot. Go out with a pair of good wide boots and go out and walk down the tunnel with the boots one heel toe heel toe to toe mashed potatoes down to the roots. Don't get dried out in number two. So the mole say Dow gone he's getting mashed down, Mike, mashing, my home. Now, I'm going to go over Walter's house, and that's all you care about somebody else's house. Nobody how much they complain. They're not in your yard. And you don't care about it. Neighborly thing to say, but it's true. And maybe in the way from your house over Walter's house. They'll get eaten by you know, by a cat or dog or something else. And then that's the end of that story. You can spend a lot of time trying to find the tunnel in which the mole is traveling. They use all sorts of different depths of tunnels. They use some pretty frequently in some one time. That's all these a lot of time obsessing about where the Mola's new yard. When you could just go out there for ten or fifteen minutes every week and mash down the tunnels and be done with go inside and watch football. That's it. Wow. So none of the poison can by lake at Home Depot and things like that. Stick down in the holes that doesn't do any good either. Researched is not you know, I try my best to give you answers based on what research shows, I don't just give yourself off the top of my head research does not show that many of the poison things. Gummy worms is when I think about the has the in the in the gum. Not really. You could hire a kid if you want to have to do it yourself. Go higher fourteen year old needs some monies. I can't go out there and mashed tunnels, and you stay inside watch football. Let the kid do the work. No, I'd like masher moles, man. If you really want to be mean about it my mash tunnels, and if it's not to coal sit on a bucket for a minute and just watch your lawn. Sometimes they'll be out there and pushing up the tunnel right after you mash it down get a shovel and go to a Wham Powell rental top of the of the area where you see the ground being pushed back up again. And then dig it for a second, you'll find a dead mole, or at least very stunned mole underneath a shovel. I don't want to be mean to Mike their listeners right now her saying he is so mean to moles well, okay. Don't use the show. This mash down the tunnel. Don't be mean to you. Now watch this guy walked along. He could just walk across guess, you can just feel the yeah. Yeah. You know, how he feels the ankle? So turns a little bit. When you hit the soft part? Yeah. Man. Will you save me about a thousand dollars about it? It. You my address to send the check. Are you need the money? You save Mike to meet. Jason. Divide divided out here. Have a great holiday. We see. So thank you very much..

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