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And the people there is something I know a lot of fishermen I have the same feeling bass pro shops founder Johnny Moore's announcing his anglers for the Bahamas fishing for a mission relief drive and a one million dollar donation a federal judge in Tallahassee is turned on governor to status request to put on hold a challenge to a new state law carrying out a constitutional amendment that restored voting rights to felons who have completed their sentences the Republican governor and secretary of state laurel leave this week asked US district judge Robert Hinkle to put the federal lawsuit on hold while the Florida Supreme Court considers a related case but nickel denied the request the Polk County students facing a battery charge after of violent locker room attack against a twelve year old student at Blake academy in Lakeland a cell phone video of the slug fest is gone viral the attacker being suspended for at least ten days Lakeland police captain Steve Pocky tells news channel eight what comes next after the investigation is finished sitting down with the parent one final decision is made on whether the students remains in the school or not and a plan will be developed to ensure the safety of the child the district is investigating what the teacher was not watching over the students when the attack began a recent report by the investment at a company realty hop vines Tampa is among the least affordable cities for homeowners the report ranks the one hundred most populous cities in the country by their affordability for home owners and temple was found to come in at number thirty six some of the factors considered include median household income median for sale home listing prices in property taxes to trap amenities are now free rescuers removed parts of a wall that separated the mother and baby at the Halifax marina and Daytona beach they've been stranded for a week after entering the area during the storm surge from hurricane Dorian with Florida's news I'm John Conrad..

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