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Him thinking you. Would've. Skill I would attack with him on the pavement and that'd be good enough because I don't think he'd have got. I thought I was Ray. Lewis A my finger. Okay so I. Don't know the exact details. I I don't think Jr our lives in this neighborhood I think he had just parked his vehicle down the street from where just a few minutes earlier actress they had. They had looted and. burned. Sneaker store I think it was a foot. Lock right there. Near facts, so it just ran looted into your point all sudden. There's mob mentality operating. It is just chaos in people's brains. Everybody says it's it's lawless. I can do whatever I want and I. Don't know what possessed some white kid I could. It took me a while to figure out. He was a white kid because he had his hoodie up and he had his mass gone. Gone so I couldn't even see her second. He was a white kid I. Don't know the JR new. He was a white kid and allow me to make this point for the record. Jr then posted later on social media. This was not racially motivated and I know jr well enough to tell you I. Don't think it was either I. Don't think that's what he's about, but but. Just seeing I'm not sure what he used. Bash the window in a brick or whatever he bashed the window of the vehicle I. Think it's a truck that drives. They will just parked on this rain. What are you? What are you saying? What are you doing, man then Jr lost it and chased him down and my. When my rational mind kicks back in in this day, and age. Is You know and I know? It's just too dangerous because I don't know that could be packing. He could be carrying and rice. He could be carrying any kind of weapon that you you again Jr did not have a weapon that I could see. He would just going to use his fist in his feet, and yeah. He gave him a weapon. He didn't kill in, but he beat him up. And then the kid was able to get up and run off obviously so it in the end it of worked out. It was as it says in the Old Testament an eye for an eye, so you you you? EXAC, did you revenge on the Kid I? I would not recommend it and I was happy to hear you say start this conversation off. The older Shannon the more mature Shannon would say. Now. We're going to try this. Yeah, yeah, just let it go. It happened. Does. And that's the Thanksgiving when I was younger road, rage and people you know when I had a a carrying permit and.

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