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You're listening to the National Secular Society. What cost has to play amock talk today? I'm going to be talking to Mattie Bridgman and Samford Simmons to representatives from the Integrated Education Fund. This is a charity in Northern Ireland. That promotes a school system which is not divided by denomination into Catholic and Protestant schools but instead as inclusive welcoming all religious and cultural backgrounds OP discussing the particular problems which Northern Ireland is facing in reforming its education system and why it matters and I'm joined now by mighty pitchman and some Fitzsimmons of the Integrated Education Fund in Northern Nyland. Madden Sam could you perhaps stop by taking us through a bit of the background. What's the current situation with collegiate divisions in Northern Ireland? Just remind us all of where we've got to. And how is it affecting education in particular education system that Norton Artist Pretty Complex. Oaks religiously segregated away also in a socioeconomic certainly Was Fine with nineteen twenty. One Dan Dan Education Minister wanted to establish a single nondenominational education system that was imposed by the match with the northern nineteen. Twenty two the idea of a single system is dropped in fever. More secular or.

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