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From NPR news in Washington I'm she Stevens house speaker Nancy Pelosi is name seven managers to lead the prosecution team during the Senate impeachment trial of president trump after weeks of wrangling with the Senate and the arts to mac reports that house lawmakers hand deliver the articles to the Senate in a ceremony hello she signed the articles of impeachment with a large number of pens so that she could gift pens to committee chairs as a keepsake plus he said that the impeachment was necessary to prevent future presidential misconduct the seven impeachment managers led by the house clerk then formally delivered the document to the Senate the managers will read aloud the impeachment articles before the Senate Thursday at noon other trial procedures including the swearing in of senators and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court will also Kerr Thursday the trial is set to begin in earnest on Tuesday after the holiday weekend to mac NPR news Washington in a White House ceremony today president trump and China's vice premier signed a so called phase one trade deal together we are writing the wrongs of the past and delivering a future of economic justice and security for American workers farmers and families under the deal China agrees to import more American products over the next two years while some US tariffs on Chinese goods will be suspended trump administration officials say that each country will open and enforcement office to review complaint about compliance the Virginia house and Senate have passed resolutions to ratify the equal rights amendment to the US constitution as Megan Pauley of member station the PM reports Virginia could officially become the thirty eighth St needed to ratify the amendment as soon as Thursday speaking on the floor democratic senator Mimi lock said as a college student in nineteen seventy two it became clear to her that African American women had two strikes against them being black and female still there are some women who say they don't need to E. R. A. because they have never been discriminated against can I say good for you it wasn't just Democrats supporting the measure Republican senator John Keegan said it's the.

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