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Come first. Still no formal punishment for Saudi Arabia after it acknowledge their role in the death of a Washington Post journalist White House says the Trump administration is still weighing its options in responding to the murder of columnist Jamal kashogi after meeting last week with Turkish officials CIA director Gina hassle briefed the president and secretary of state Mike Pompeo on the Turkish investigation. The State Department's band Twenty-one Saudi suspects from holding US visas to enter the United States kashogi entered the Saudi embassy in Istanbul, October second and never emerged after initially claiming he left the facility the Saudi government acknowledges kashogi was killed blaming it on rogue elements in the government at the State Department. Rich Edson, Fox News UFC fighter Stephen Bonner, arrested on suspicion of DUI after police say he was driving recklessly on a Las Vegas freeway. The leader of Germany's says she won't run again at the end of term. German Chancellor Angela Merkel announcing she is ready to give up her position as her party's leader. Though, she intends to remain chancellor, according to local media, the her opponents in the party say replacing her as chairwoman could be a possible step toward replacing her as chancellor this coming after her Christian Democratic party one with disappointing results in a key region in Sunday state election, the ruling coalition's been swamped with challenges recently, including a split over Germany's refugee policy Merckel has been chancellor since two thousand five does remain one of the country's most popular politicians Lilian. Woo Fox News smartphone to be unveiled this week, not from one of the usual suspects. But it's from a company called read, which has its roots in movie cameras. It's new hydrogen. One phone is a holographic screen. The produces three d visuals without making you wear special glasses, but the cost is nearly thirteen hundred dollars. I'm Lisa.

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