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The drivers Larry shavo mount Pocono Pennsylvania who had a pickup with pro Trump flags and American flags why he's protesting I have watched the government whittle away our rights and freedoms One by one by one Some of the other issues for drivers taking part include COVID mandates bob bullis and Pennsylvania organized the event He says he's protesting also high gas prices and regulations on the trucking industry This truck stop The cars going every one of these trucks They don't want hallway Moby's eating and we will stranglehold D.C. Along I 95 and savage Maryland Mike morrill WTO P news Meantime at a news conference Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said that National Guard troops are being deployed at the request of the D.C. government and capitol police ahead of the expected truckers protest in D.C. It's a relatively small number here about 700 and they will be supporting traffic support needs That's their goal That's their mission Maryland and Virginia are coordinating a response Marilyn governor Larry Hogan says he spoke with Virginia governor Glenn youngkin about their plans Again we are expecting another convoy of trucks arriving in the D.C. region next week A D.C. superior court judge is refusing to block the district's COVID-19 vaccine mandate for police officers judge Jones Zelda and is denying a request for a temporary restraining order from the fraternal order of police the Metropolitan Police department labor committee the D.C. police union and four officers in her ruling Zelda writes that police would not be in danger of suffering irreparable harm if a temporary restraining order were not granted officers who failed to comply with D.C.'s mandate by February 15th will be disciplined but action will not be taken until March 15th and remove a lot of an employee will only come after a series of steps starting with verbal counseling an administrative challenge to the vaccine policy is now before the public employee relations board that handles labor disputes between D.C. agencies and employees D.C. lawmakers have a plan to pay residents $100 a month to take metro They talked with residents and local leaders about it during a hearing on the proposed bill today ward.

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